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The Penalty of Leadership

In every field of human endeavor, he that is first must perpetually live in the white light of publicity. Whether the leadership is vested in man or a manufactured product, emulation and envy are ever at work. In art, in literature, in music, in industry, the reward and the punishment are always the same. The reward is widespread recognition; the punishment, the fierce denial and detraction. When a man’s work becomes the standard for the whole world, it also becomes a target for the shafts...

Plan or "hope for the best" when managing change?

Hi: I'd be interested to hear how people in the asset management / reliability community handle change. Do you plan or just put a plan for change out there and hope for the best? Do you use any change management tools / models? There are some fairly simple, quick tools out there and I'd be happy to share if anyone has interest.

RCM should be a living program

If this is true, how does the CMMS community (easily) capture failure history in a format conducive to updating the failure mode and maintenance tactic? And if these RCM Analysis results are stored in external system (or Excel) then this adds a lot of extra clicking .... which means the odds are greatly reduced if any update or analysis will ever be made. And even more to the point, lets be real. If the CMMS community had 15,000 sites, and there were at best 500 sites that performed RCM...

One operator can wreck a machine faster than 10 maintenance technicians can repair it

This is an Uptime Magazine article (Aug/Sept 2016) titled " Maintenance Is Really Not the Problem " written by R. Keith Mobley Fifty years ago, many were convinced that maintenance was at the center, if not the entirety, of the problems that plagued industry. Because of this belief, the focus was on building world-class maintenance organizations. Success followed success and the number of companies able to achieve and sustain world-class maintenance grew significantly. The problem was, and...

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I have a high speed air compressor running at 59.58 Hz. motor speed with a High Speed gear mesh frequency at 30,266.64 Hz. What should be my measurement setup of for Time Wave and Spike/gSE? My assessment; Time Wave, 9600 F-max with 1600 lines and Spike/gSE, 3000 Hz. F-max, 3200 lines and a 5KHz. filter. Your assistance with this matter is greatly appreciated. Good day, CharlieRead More...
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Intrinsically Safe Class I, Division 2, Zone 2 Mobile Phones for Sale

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The Ex-Handy 209 Featurephone is Certified for use in Zone 2 / Division 2 hazardous environments. It provides both push-button and touchscreen mobile phone capabilities plus the performance and connectivity to support simple and more intensive Android™ applications such as Lone Worker Protection, Push-to-Talk and other industrial apps. The Ex-Handy 209 includes Google certified / certification (GMS), enabling access to a further 700,000 Android™ apps - giving you the flexibility to mould the...Read More...
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Intrinsically Safe Class I, Division 1, Zone 1 Mobile Phones for Sale

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EX-Handy 09 Mobile phone for CSA (Class 1 Div 1, Class 1 Div 2 and ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 & 21) For users who need a more advanced mobile phone but not a Smartphone, the Ex-Handy 09 Featurephone is designed to meet this need – providing both push-button and touchscreen mobile phone capabilities plus the performance and connectivity to support simple and more intensive Android™ applications such as Lone Worker Protection , Push-to-Talk and other industrial apps. Simlock free 4G / LTE...Read More...


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FOR SALE INSIDE USA ONLY ROTALIGN Ultra IS NEW Rotalign® Pro EX NEW Email: larrywhiteyou@gmail.com Phone Line::+13212520543Read More...

Increase in 1X vibration of BCL compressor at Synthesis gas after a recent overhauling

Dear Experts; We are experiencing high radial vibration problem at outboard end (suction side) of 3 rd casing of synthesis gas compressor with operating pressure at inlet/outlet 128/193 bar respectively. Refer the attached Annexure-I for complete configuration of compressor train. This compressor has the following specifications; Casing Type; Barrel type BCL-306A End Seal; Floating end seals Thrust Bearing; Kingsbury JHJ 08” Journal Bearing; Tilting pad with load on pad arrangement...Read More...
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Generating "Abbreviated Last Measurement Summary" of multiple surveys

Hello, While performing a corrective action, we acquire vibration data of the whole equipment before and after Field Balancing/Laser Alignment. When submitting report, we show vibration data before and after the corrective action. While using CSI 2140, we acquire the vibration data after the corrective action by creating new survey. When we dump the data in AMS Software, we cannot generate abbreviated last measurement summary of both surveys. I couldn't find any such option in AMS suite. Is...Read More...

Where to Attach Weight or Stiffen the Structure to Get it Out of Resonance

Dear Experts, Hope you are fine. I want to know that is there a method by which we can know that where should we attach the weight or which location should we add support to stiffen the structure to change it natural frequency. I heard somewhere that there are nodes and anti-nodes by which we can know where to make modification. Is it possible to know by just using our analyzer and vibration sensors? Or it is only possible by ODS or Modal Analysis in FEA software?Read More...
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Strange Unfiltered Orbit

I apologize in advance… I know you guys will need a lot more data for a meaningful analysis. But I'm not directly involved in this one… just watching from a distance. I have only these attached photos of orbits and not a lot of the understanding about the machine or the measurements. The machines are horizontal multistage turbines driving a feedpump through a gear coupling. The attached orbits are the turbine outboard beairng. The inboard orbit shows similar characteristics (oddball shapes,...Read More...
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motor vibration at 3XTS

Good Afternoon guys i have a problem related to a motor vibration which is summarized in a dominant 3XTS on motor side in the horizontal direction while 1X and 2X barely visible overhung fan variable speed up to 600 rpm coupling is flexible 14 rubber element and this rubber is new the alignment within tolerance 0.1mm while the max, allowable is 0.5 the shaft has coupling has run out problem 0.25mm and shaft has center runout between the bearings 0.3 mm and near the free bearing 1.7mm i know...Read More...
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New Microlog GX-M ATEX Zone 2 kit

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CMXA 75-M-K-SL-Z2: $27,995.00 - NEW, SKF Warranty - Reliability Direct, Inc. is an authorized distributor of SKF. Microlog GX-M ATEX Zone 2 kit includes: -CMXA 75-M unit, programmed for two-channel non-route and route measurements and one or two plane static, or dynamic couple balancing applications - CD-ROM, user manuals, utilities, asset information page, and literature - USB/power splitter cable [CMAC 5095] - Two (2) accelerometers, ATEX approved, top exit 100 mVg [CMSS 793-EE] - Two (2)...Read More...
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