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Asset Condition Monitoring (ACM) Project Manager’s Guide

The Asset Condition Monitoring (ACM) Project Manager’s Guide is a resource no organization should be without! It provides basic information about what an ACM initiative or organizational component is, how it should be conducted, and who should be involved. The material is presented in a way that helps organizations determine if they are ready to undertake ACM. The guide also identifies processes and practices an organization must embrace or improve, while noting pitfalls to avoid in order to...

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The best Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) software

Dear Vib legends, I am very curious to know about the best software for Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) which is acceptable worldwide by most of the organizations. I request you all to please, please suggest / guide / help me in finding the best and well accepted software for Operating Deflection Shape. The purpose is to take my knowledge to the next level (Serious and advanced level) as well as to finalize an AMC with reliable expert service provider within India. I am associated with...Read More...
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Overall Vibration

Hi, New to MHM. Running v5.31. Manufacturer is looking for overall vibration for each test point on a generator. I see from pictures of my 2130 analyzer that it shows this value down in the lower left hand corner of the screen. I do not have the analyzer with me, but do have the MHM software and data. Can someone point me to where I can find this same value in MHM? I need it in both mils and velocity. I did find a Spectral Peak Parameters: Spec Overall Amplitude value. Is this the one I am...Read More...
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CMMS history tracking

I have a programming question about how the CMMS tracks & reveals repair work on equipment. Our current system goes like this: Equipment PM has w/o’s for each equipment on a PM route. If a piece of equipment is found to be defective a new equipment number is assigned and the old one is switch out on the PM with new one. Equipment PM will then have w/o’s for each equipment (new one too) on next PM route. My question here is how do you or the CMMS system or others know that a specific...Read More...

Power Limitation and High Exhaust Temperature of Single stage Impulse (Curtis) Steam Turbine

Dear All, We are operating a large Ammonia Urea Complex in Pakistan. Following are details of Steam Turbine driving Boiler Feed Water pump at our expansion unit. Type - Single stage impulse with one nozzle ring, one ring of reversing blades and two rows of moving blades Following are permissible steam inlet and exhaust operating parameters; Minimum Normal Maximum Inlet Pressure (bar gauge) 36.3 37.3 Inlet Temperature ( 0 C) 375 380 Exhaust Pressure (bar gauge) 3.43 3.92 As per OEM At normal...Read More...


Hi One of the Vertical Mill stand Gearbox is having high vibration at Gearbox input shaft in vertical direction, 5.6mm/sec peak. A 2x dominant peak is observed and the absolute phase has taken at both motor and gearbox and is very erratic. a doc has been attached.. Can any one suggest some solutionRead More...
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Flir Thermacam E45

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Hi guys. I sell a Flir Thermacam E45 camera. Works nice but need recalibration because don´t show real temperature properly.Read More...

DigivibeMX M30 Dynamic Balancer & Vibration Analyzer with ODS

Forum: For Sale
Angela Howard
We are clearing out our current DigivibeMX M30 model with plans to launch the next version in the coming weeks. Features, and functions all remain the same we are simply introducing a new interface (hardware). That means all of our existing stock is on sales. DigvibeMX M30 normal price is $5495 and this month only we will sell it for $4995 with both channels active, 2 accelerometers, and all related accessories... so please have a look and save some money. www.erbessdreliability.comRead More...
Hi experts, We are having a trouble of high axial displacement of BFW pump which is driven by a steam turbine, hope receive your solutions. The axial displacements of pump increase time by time and the overall vibration of both sides also go up as well. The problem is the thrust bearing active side’s temperature is stable but the right pad’s temperature is higher the left pad’s temperature. But the other one is driven by a motor; we do not have any issues. I am confused about the root cause...Read More...
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High vibration in Fan Non DE bearing Horizontal direction

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Hello friends We are facing new problem in ventilation fan ... Vibration is high in horizontal direction in each measuring point, and dominant in 3x RPM. Major problem in Fan NDE BEARING ....In all directions (H,V,A).... I attached all data .... What is the reason of this problem???Read More...
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