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Please your help: I have a csi 2115 (a little old) analyzer I'm trying to load the module FASTBALANCE , but I get the following error in the analyzer: COMMUNICATIONS ERROR CALLER ADDRESS: PRESS THE RESET 8C3C KEY TO CONTINUE. The process I'm doing with windows xp, and COM port, but the error persists.Read More...
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New Vibration Swtich for Sale

Forum: For Sale
The HS-429 is one of the most compact vibration switches on the market, enabling the continuous monitoring and protection of assets in tight spaces. It is designed to transmit a 4-20mA signal, features an adjustable false trigger time delay of up to one minute to prevent error trips, which may occur at machine start up, and is overload protected to a maximum shock of 100g. The HS-429, which features a MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) accelerometer integrated onto the I.C. (Integrated...Read More...
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Vertical pump vibration when suction pressure fast reduces

Does pump vibration increase when suction pressure fast drop? Our 3300KW vertical pump got trip by inlet chamber level low. Water level of the chamber where suction pipe locates was decrease from 7200mm to 5800mm in 3 minutes, pump trip at 6250mm as our trip logic. Normally the pump vibration start increasing when water level decrease slowly to less than 7000mm, but in this case no vibration increase except pump shut down spike.Read More...
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AMS Suite - alarm Mult Spec

Hi We have done a update to our system and now im getting this alarm. Mult Spec update data. what dose this mean and how do I stop it from happening. below is what the alarm says Thanks --------------------------- Mult Spec - Update Data --------------------------- Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index ------------------------Read More...
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CSI 2130- testing Vehicle cab vibration

Hi Guys we have a 2130 and would like to test the in-cab vibration of one of our ve hicle's. The reason why is that we have changed the tyres to a harder compound and the operators are feeling more d iscomfort, so I have been asked if we can test the vibration. Is there some way I can get the 2130 to run for 60 seconds or so to collect a continuous waveform? ThanksRead More...
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VFD Security Risk

Vendors include this setting intentionally in the device’s registry so operators will always know the top speed-limit for motors. But the devices reveal this critical speed to anyone who queries them. They use the Modbus protocol to communicate, and a hacker can send a simple query to the drive’s control board to obtain this critical information then use it against the device.