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Intermittent increase in seismic vibration at comp. Inlet casing. GE frame 5 turbine

We are facing an issue at our running unit frame 5 gas turbine driving generator w.r.t to intermittently increased seismic vibrations at BB2 ( Compressor Casing Inlet) and BB1 ( Bearing No. 1). The values at BB3 point ( Pedestal Bearing) remain normal during these events. Other unit is under maintenance and subject unit is running in “ISO mode”.Normal values at BB1 & BB2 are 0.8 & 2.8 mm/sec, respectively. HIGH VIBRATION EVENTS to date ( from 13 Feb to 17 Feb ) Date Time BB1 (Change)...Read More...

Before the P-F Curve

Many are familiar with the P-F Curve or the Potential Failure to Failure interval that creates the inspection periodicity BUT have you thought about what lies to the left of the P-F Curve? Watch this 30 minute video to see how to enhance your approach to predictive maintenance. Before the P-F CurveRead More...

Vibrations in hollow -shaft mounting gearbox

We have one hollow shaft mounting, two input gearbox having gear ratio 14.3 to drive paper machine drying cylinder. It is pivoted at one side and driven by two D.C. motors of 210KW with cardon shafts. Gearbox has high vibration levels in vertical direction opposite to pivot end. At 750mpm ( 945 input rpm), we get max vib.at gearbox in H & A direction @4mm/sec. and 11 mm/sec in V direction opposite to pivot end. Mostly at 1Xrpm & 2Xrpm of input speed. Is it safe to run at such high...Read More...
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Plant Staffing

This might not be the proper forum but the discussion has come up again about staffing levels, specifically technical staff at gas fired combustion turbine facilities. We have 4 tech staff members-1 each Mech./Elec./DCS/PdM for a 2000 MWE station (5 simple cycles & 2 combined cycle units). How does that compare with other facilities? I appreciate the input.Read More...
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I am beginning some work on Uptime Elements Key Performance Indicators with the Reliability Leadership Institute members during our next Face to Face meeting. We start with high level organizational objectives and cascade Performance Indicators and Key Performance Indicators for Reliability Engineering for Maintenance, Asset Condition Management, Work Execution Management, Leadership for Reliability and Asset Management - from Strategic metrics to Tactical metrics though line of sight! Most...Read More...

For Sale Forum is Open for Confirmed Sellers Only

Forum: Forum help
We are happy that we have finally resolved the policy about the For Sale forum after several members experienced scams and fraud by sellers. We will only allow FORE SALE listings from sellers who have registered and paid a registration fee so we can verify identify. Yes there will be a fee: 1) It will take time and resource from our staff 2) It will prevent any listings from scammers You have a lot of other choices to sell your used equipment. There is a huge internet - eBay, Amazon and...Read More...
Lets say you have already had the technical conversation with your team about the correct procedure for a specific repair, and yet you have another failure of the same type subsequent to that conversation/training. How would you handle that situation? I believe an integrity conversation is needed in which we discuss how we may not have had each other's back's and how we can fix that in whatever myriad ways it evidences itself. What say you?Read More...