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The Association of Asset Management Professionals or as we like to call it AMP (formerly the Association for Maintenance Professionals) has a mission to create a new era for the practice of maintenance reliability in the context of asset management for organizations to enhance the delivery for the triple bottom line of economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

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Plan or "hope for the best" when managing change?

Hi: I'd be interested to hear how people in the asset management / reliability community handle change. Do you plan or just put a plan for change out there and hope for the best? Do you use any change management tools / models? There are some fairly simple, quick tools out there and I'd be happy to share if anyone has interest.

RCM should be a living program

If this is true, how does the CMMS community (easily) capture failure history in a format conducive to updating the failure mode and maintenance tactic? And if these RCM Analysis results are stored in external system (or Excel) then this adds a lot of extra clicking .... which means the odds are greatly reduced if any update or analysis will ever be made. And even more to the point, lets be real. If the CMMS community had 15,000 sites, and there were at best 500 sites that performed RCM...

One operator can wreck a machine faster than 10 maintenance technicians can repair it

This is an Uptime Magazine article (Aug/Sept 2016) titled " Maintenance Is Really Not the Problem " written by R. Keith Mobley Fifty years ago, many were convinced that maintenance was at the center, if not the entirety, of the problems that plagued industry. Because of this belief, the focus was on building world-class maintenance organizations. Success followed success and the number of companies able to achieve and sustain world-class maintenance grew significantly. The problem was, and...

Lessons learned from Reliabilityweb.com’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Summit

Lessons learned from Reliabilityweb.com’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Summit held at the Reliability Leadership Institute Fort Myers August 2-3, 2016 (Thanks to our friends at ThingWorx by PTC for supporting this event) 1) The Industrial Internet of Things is here now and the pace of adoption is increasing rapidly 2) Many Reliabilityweb.com solution providers do not have a strategy to leverage innovation resulting from new technology capabilities 3) Literally all business is at risk...

Many complain about lack of Leadership support. But ... what if we do? Then what?

Leadership for Reliability is one of the verticals within Uptime Elements. You may be CRL or CMRP certified, but when back at the plant, it is often a struggle to get upper management to listen. After all, you're just a supervisor. Yes, they let you attend the conference, but they didn't intend to really pursue any of those initiatives. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ But what if the exact opposite happened? Would you be prepared? And, would you know what to say?

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The construction industry consumes millions of cubic meters of rock (nonmetallic) materials: stone, crushed stone, gravel, stone chips and sand every year. The specific volume of non-metallic materials makes up over 20% of the total cost of building materials. Various manufacturing industries require different types of non-metallic raw materials. The range and quality of stone materials used by hydraulic engineering construction for example, differs from that used by other constructions.Read More...

Modifying Past Data in AMS MHM

A tech took data on some cooling tower gearboxes with a new CSI 2140 using new accelerometers. He set the sensitivity to 0.98V/EU when the sensitivity should have been 0.098V/EU. Does anyone know how to correct the spectra and waveforms within MHM or does the data need to be retaken with the corrected sensitivity. I can manually change the discrete data under MANLOG, but this does not update the waveform or spectra. Thank you.Read More...

Motor Current of Dilution Air Blower is very high

I have a Dilution Air Blower (DAB) at Sulfur Recovery Unit which is showing up high motor current. We have checked the blower side externally. Pulley of blower was found freely moving. As there has been no abnormal sound during running and as checked by pulley movement, bearings appear to be in good condition. We have coupled motor with blower and replaced the entire set of belts after checking belt tension. Greasing has also been done in the bearings. The motor body temp is high because of...Read More...

Emerson AMS Suite Fault Frequencies

Hi all, I'm running into an issue using Emerson's AMS Suite. I've built a few hundred pieces of equipment on this software. I've noticed if I build a piece of equipment , say a fan but I do not know the bearing numbers. One day I stumble across the mfg. and bearing numbers I need. So I'll go into RBM wizard and add the bearing information. I will then exit/save then hit the almighty hammer. I will reload routes, even reboot the software. I will then collect data on that particular fan and...Read More...
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integral gear compressor vibration

Hi we have 3 stage integrally geared compressor. after unbalance 3th stage it change with new one and 3th bearings change too but it trip after start because of high vibration on 3th stage. 3th stage rpm: 40000 1th and 2th critical speed: 11000 - 34000 bearing: tilting pad with 5 pads. load between pads. condition monitoring dose not observed 1X and 90 degree phase + or - 30 degree. (usual unbalance sign)Read More...
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