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The Association of Asset Management Professionals or as we like to call it AMP (formerly the Association for Maintenance Professionals) has a mission to create a new era for the practice of maintenance reliability in the context of asset management for organizations to enhance the delivery for the triple bottom line of economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

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RCM should be a living program

If this is true, how does the CMMS community (easily) capture failure history in a format conducive to updating the failure mode and maintenance tactic? And if these RCM Analysis results are stored in external system (or Excel) then this adds a lot of extra clicking .... which means the odds are greatly reduced if any update or analysis will ever be made. And even more to the point, lets be real. If the CMMS community had 15,000 sites, and there were at best 500 sites that performed RCM...

One operator can wreck a machine faster than 10 maintenance technicians can repair it

This is an Uptime Magazine article (Aug/Sept 2016) titled " Maintenance Is Really Not the Problem " written by R. Keith Mobley Fifty years ago, many were convinced that maintenance was at the center, if not the entirety, of the problems that plagued industry. Because of this belief, the focus was on building world-class maintenance organizations. Success followed success and the number of companies able to achieve and sustain world-class maintenance grew significantly. The problem was, and...

Lessons learned from Reliabilityweb.com’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Summit

Lessons learned from Reliabilityweb.com’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Summit held at the Reliability Leadership Institute Fort Myers August 2-3, 2016 (Thanks to our friends at ThingWorx by PTC for supporting this event) 1) The Industrial Internet of Things is here now and the pace of adoption is increasing rapidly 2) Many Reliabilityweb.com solution providers do not have a strategy to leverage innovation resulting from new technology capabilities 3) Literally all business is at risk...

Many complain about lack of Leadership support. But ... what if we do? Then what?

Leadership for Reliability is one of the verticals within Uptime Elements. You may be CRL or CMRP certified, but when back at the plant, it is often a struggle to get upper management to listen. After all, you're just a supervisor. Yes, they let you attend the conference, but they didn't intend to really pursue any of those initiatives. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ But what if the exact opposite happened? Would you be prepared? And, would you know what to say?

Predictive analytics: Does it really matter?

A lot has been said and written about predictive analytics. Most of the attention focuses on applying forecasting techniques to the domains of marketing and security. More recently, however, the rise of machine generated data (e.g., M2M, Industrial Internet of Things, Industries 4.0, etc.) has opened a new playground for data scientists. Read more here

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Art Crawford books

John from PA
I just noticed on eBay a supposedly "new" set, volume 1 & 2, of The Simplified Handbook of Vibration Analysis by Art Crawford. The price is $150 but the "make offer" option is available. http://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Simplified-Handbook-of-Vibration-Analysis-Volume-1-2-by-Art-Crawford-/331936610417?hash=item4d48f6b871:g:4d8AAOSwY0lXRRead More...


hi guys, last two weeks i have been observing abnormal noise on steam turbine governor side.vibration at turbine nondrive and drive sides were maximum readings 4mm/s.actually we dont have governor casing vibration points.but today i checked with another tag points at governor side.i havebeen observed high vibration readings.this equipment is using for compressor seal oil screw pump and the pressure is 180kg.present rpm is 2000approx.rated rpm is 2985.operations informed me due to more noise...Read More...

High Motor Amps Fluctuation in ACC Fans

Dear Friends, what is the major reason for high amps fluctuation in Motor Fluctuation around 60 to 80 amps other fans are less than 10 amps. Motor kw -160 Norma Motor amps readings - 150 To 160 ( Fluctuation between 10 amps) Problematic Motor Amps readings - 120 To 200 ( Fluctuation 80 amps). The fluctuation due to Mechanical reasons or electrical issues? Gear box & Motor vibration readings are within the limits. please share your ideas for cause of High fluctuations. Thanks &...Read More...
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Induced draft Fan Motor Journal bearing high vibration

e have a large capacity (2 No's) Induced draft fans. One of the fan motor is showing high vibration in vertical direction at Motor DE side.Max. vibration is 3.7 to 4 mm/sec. Alarm value recommended by OEM 3.5 for motor vibration.Also abnormal sound from fan to motor coupling noticed.Kindly suggest possible cause. Also can anybody tell possible reason for 6th order dominant frequency in journal bearings?I have seen in many journal bearings such spectrum. Only 6th order is dominant in...Read More...
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Generator field balance

To Field Balance Experts; I have 2 questions. 1- For Generator Field Balance (2 plane 4 measurements), do you prefer the measurements from sleeve bearing casing H/V via accelerometer or from Bently Nevada Vibration Monitor via proximity probes X/Y and keyphaser. 2- What can be the trial weight.? At the balance rings, there aren't any weights that we can make estimations. + Your advises.Read More...
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High vibration on the ball mill drive train A and B

We are experiencing high vibration on our dual drive ball mill. The high vibration is on the motor DE bearing on axial direction. Dominant frequency is girth and pinion gear mesh. See attached spectrums and trends. Gearbox hold-down bolts are breaking due to high vibration.Read More...
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Asset Hierarchy

Forum: Forum help
We are reshuffling the deck on our equipment groups within an industrial setting of a power plant and I am looking for any standards or industrial requirements to create an equipment Hierarchy to start with. So far I have a yes, on a equipment hierarchy by "Systems" that starts by highest asset value/cost and work down (on drill down). But I am aware of other hierarchy but need to get my hands on a few to test out. this will be going into a EAMS system. Any refinery templates out there?Read More...
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WHPU LP Pump failures

Hello Everyone, I am currently providing Reliability Engineering services for a Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading (FPSO) offshore production facility which is experiencing a high rate of failures on the Water Hydraulics Power Unit (WHPU) Low Pressure (LP) pumps. The pumps are Marshalsea Hydraulic reciprocating XW Pumps, Series 11196 which apparently are used throughout the offshore industry. The working fluid is Castrol Transaqua HT2, which is a glycol water-based hydraulic...Read More...

Export Sales Manager Needed - Strommashina Corp.

Sysoev Alex
CONDITIONS: Location: 10a 22 Parts'ezda St., Samara - Official employment, fringe benefits in full compliance with Labor Code of the Russian Federation; - Timely payment of salary (twice a month); - Work week schedule Mon – Fri, 8:30 am – 5:00am; - Salary to be discussed at an interview (fixed salary + % from sales); - Full-time job REQUIREMENTS: - M/F - Proficiency in English (conversational level) - Technology major; - Major in one of the following fields is an advantage: mineral...Read More...