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Vibration Analysis Certification Survey

Reliabilityweb.com, VibrationSchool.com and the Association of Asset Management Professionals are conducting a survey on Vibration Certification for a project we are working on. Please take less than 5 minutes to tell us about your Vibration Certification by clicking here: http://uptime4.me/vibecert You can participate anonymously or you can include request a copy of the survey summary once complete. Thank you!

Things to Think About (and Do) 2017

We asked some of our respected friends whom we consider to be thought leaders to look into the future, share their vision and guide us to take advantage of it to be safer and more successful. Best-selling authors and leading subject-matter experts provide excellent interactive learning on a wide variety of subjects you can put to use immediately when you get back to work. Click here to view

An Asset Manager’s Guide to Harvest Management Commitment

This article explains why it is crucial for the enterprise asset manager to guide department level managers toward an understanding of how to translate their vision into a top level, order of magnitude for change. In other words, a company vision is only good if it can be sold to the executive level team of your organization. Read more here

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CSI 2140 VS VibXpert

Hello Would anyone with experience both the 2140 and the VIBXPERT II (and their associated software) weigh in with a basic comparison/opinion of the two? I was asked this recently and I didn't feel I could give them a fair answer since I'm only familiar Emonitor Condition Monitoring Software and Dynamix 2500 equipment. Does anyone feel that one is far superior than the other (or only slightly better) and why? Thank you PK.Read More...

High vibrations in no-break MG set

This is a 1500 RPM, 50 Hz no-break MG set with an diesel engine, flywheel with clutch, an ac motor and a dc generator. The whole train is mounted on AVM pads on a common concrete base as shown. With the engine disengaged and only the ac motor driving the flywheel and the DC generator, the vibrations are consistently high in the region of 5 to 10 mm/sec rms. I have enclosed the overall vibration levels (over a 3-week period) and the spectrum for each bearing of the flywheel, the ac motor and...Read More...
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ESP Fan Critical Issue

Rizwan Sulehri
An ESP Fan of a Cement Plant is badly worn, there found a swear wear and tear on its all 12 vanes same like as you can see in this image. Need your suggestions/opinions to resolve the issue??? Impeller specification are 7684 kg weight , double plane centrifugal fan RPM 745, Diameter 2600 mm. I am gonna decide to rebuild the vanes by Hardox plates having each plate 2 to 3kg, But I am little confused Could it be possible to Balance the Fan after recovering it by too much mass ??Read More...
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What to do with this Axial Piston Pump

i have Axial piston pump ( 9 pistons and swash plate - variable displacement Model PV 270 R1K 1T 1N FWS) connected with a motor running at 1490 rpm , i dont have much experience about how to evaluate the accepted limits of vibration in these types of pumps and what is the best way analyse its spectrum. BUT i have a serious vibration can be sensed by your hand on the motor and the pump , i dont know if the main cause is due to the fixation of other reasons .. i attached the spectra .. i need...Read More...

Fin fan cooler with timing belt (2x, 4x FTF)

Dear all, I found 4 equipment that gives similar spektrum with some discrete peak which I match with the harmonic of cage frequency (FTF) (2X and 4X cage freq.). on the field I think the peak belong to the belt frequency but after a closer look with the desktop software I realized it matched with cage frequency harmonic. Please find the equipment specification below Equipment type : Axial fin fan cooler (2 fan per cell) Driver : horizontal motor mounted vertically Bearing DE (NDE) : 6212C3...Read More...
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330400 or 330425 or 330500 BN sensor for Screw comp

Hi We are facing a strange problem of sudden spike ( lasting for 5-7 sec) in the twin screw comp (KOBELCO) under commissioning. reaching the alarm limit and it trips the compressor (HIGH HIGH - 7mm/sec RMS) As per the manufacturer the accelerometer which he first recommneded by default 330400 is the source of issue as it is introducing integration error, hence ti use 330500 Velometor ( both Bently Nevada make) I have few queries. Why this strange spike in vibration is occuring ? if it is an...Read More...
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Trying to set up separate input on CSI 2140

Hello, I am setting up equipment with AMS Machinery Health Manager for our CSI 2140. I am setting up a triax (AC115-1D) for our equipment. Some of the data points along the route are termination boxes with cord grip inputs. Since the CSI 2140 has two 5-pin acceleration inputs I would like to be able to assign measurement points to the channels for both inputs. This way I can have the red/blue splitter in the second acceleration input and the triax in the first input and when I get to the...Read More...
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