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Online and offline vibration difference

Dear Experts, Machine tripped frequently on vibration spikes.Vibration remains 4.0 mm/s pk to 7.0 mm/s pk in online system1.Machine power 1200KW,RPM 425,coupled with reciprocating compressor. Alarm 4.7 mm/s pk Trip 7.0 mm/s pk 100 mv/g accelrometrers are installed on motor. By taking offline vibration reading it is only 1.3 mm/s pk(Online 4.0 mm/s to 7.0 mm/s pk) on same location where online sensors installed. Why offline and online vibration is too much different? This filter setting of...Read More...
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Centrifugal Compressor

I am little worried about our new compressors. These are new centrifugal compressors and we have come to know that cooling tower will be required for them? We are surprised with this thing. Is it right that every centrifugal compressor require cooling tower or its is based on design and capacity of compressors?Read More...
Hello to all, I believe some of you are in dilemma but I hope so meany of you are much more experience than I am. Making decision of changing bearing base on envelope alarms is not always the best approach but if all envelope filter are set up correctly and it is nice development of bearing fault frequency over life ob bearing what your you advice and do you have a reference to point out for correlation amplitude in envelope spectrum with level of fault in bearing. I am referring to regular...Read More...
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Vertical Motor High Vibration

Dear All , I'm Posting The vibration Details of One of my Vertical pump. The pump was running fine. But some days before we opened the Pump as we have been reported to arrest the Water Leakage. But after completing the overhauling work and mounting it on the structure high vibration observed. I have posted all related spectrum s that i have taken during Trial Run in loaded condition. However the vibration is same as No load condition. i'm Suspecting Structural/Base looseness but want to know...Read More...
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How to eliminate EMI and RFI

Rotating Guy
We have a 6 unit of primary air fan having speed of 1780 rpm, 60 hz, with installed shinakawa CBT420 accelerometer, we are facing an frequent vibration spike which cannot captured by analyzer due to not determined when it will spike again, during investigation we found out that when using radio close to accelerometer is the vibration change rapidly and it spike. how can we eliminate this kind of problem of RFI (radio frequency interference)? regards,Read More...
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For Sale Vibration Instrumentation

For Sale two Bently Nevada ADRE 208 P Units. Includes all accessories such as computers ( Loaded with ADRE for Windows), power cables, BNC Channel cables(9), velomitors, photo cell and cables,and everything else required for diagnostic or field balancing(prox probes, proximitors,TK15 Power Supply,cables).Will be sold as package along with ADRE for Windows Disc version 5.11.Included with package is a Balmac 222-D Vibration Analyzer Profiler. This is a 20 nyear old Unit with a built in...Read More...
Is there an elegant way to export the analysis parameter sets in a database? I am trying to get a global look at how the databases are set up, and I would like to be able to review them in excel. I am trying to review items like the Fmax, #lines, # averages, overlap, time waveform parameters, and such as that. After calls to Emerson's tech support, there is not a way to use their reporting tool to do this. Does anyone know a way to extract this information, even if it is in an unformatted...Read More...
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MAAG Gear LGD-32 High Vibration

We have a problem in our gearbox related to vibration on high speed shaft both ends horz and vertical and on base bolts. Vibration transmitting to 2nd shaft ( Intermediate shaft ) also. Observed Abnormal Vibrations on Gearbox Input and Intermediate shafts, particularly on horizontal 5.5 mm/s and 7.0 mm/s and vertical 6.4 mm/s and 5.8 mm/s respectively recorded today. Also High G’s Values on Input and Intermediate shafts 2.6 g’s and 2.9 g’s respectively along with significant impacting &...Read More...
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Motor vibrations

Hello, Sorry for my bad English in advance. I have six identical fans. The construction is motor coupling and fan. One of them had huge vibrations on 001V had 38 velocity on 30 Hz frequency and 002V 30 velocity also on 30 Hz the motor speed is around the same frequency so I assume it is motor speed. The vibration is only on vertical axis and vibrations are only on 30 Hz frequency, no harmonics. So I assumed it must be imbalance. We Inspected fan, for broken vanes but only found excessive...Read More...
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Case Study

Case Study : CenterHung Fan ,spherical Roller bearing,1000 Rpm Speed ,lubrication is oil Dominant frequency is 1XTS TWF about to be sinsoidal in vertical direction PeakVue is concerning and when using correlation Factor it showed a periodic peaks as shown below Accelerometer 100mv/g units mm./sec Result is :Bearing is rotating on shaft and excessive wear on shaft. i need your comments. horizotal (Spectrum mm./sec) Vertical Axial correlation FactorRead More...
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