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Vibration Analysis Certification Survey

Reliabilityweb.com, VibrationSchool.com and the Association of Asset Management Professionals are conducting a survey on Vibration Certification for a project we are working on. Please take less than 5 minutes to tell us about your Vibration Certification by clicking here: http://uptime4.me/vibecert You can participate anonymously or you can include request a copy of the survey summary once complete. Thank you!

Things to Think About (and Do) 2017

We asked some of our respected friends whom we consider to be thought leaders to look into the future, share their vision and guide us to take advantage of it to be safer and more successful. Best-selling authors and leading subject-matter experts provide excellent interactive learning on a wide variety of subjects you can put to use immediately when you get back to work. Click here to view

An Asset Manager’s Guide to Harvest Management Commitment

This article explains why it is crucial for the enterprise asset manager to guide department level managers toward an understanding of how to translate their vision into a top level, order of magnitude for change. In other words, a company vision is only good if it can be sold to the executive level team of your organization. Read more here

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Hii All. I have a Vertical Motor where i'm facing high Vibration problems. Fmax-1000Hz , 1600 LOR Motor NDE- Hor-7.07 Ver- 4.77 and Axial- 0.91 mm/sec RMS. Motor DE-Hor-4.07 Ver-2.50 and Axial-1.39 mm/sec RMS. pump De-Hor-3.2 Ver-2.2 and Axial-1.01 mm/sec RMS. But while taking data with 4000Hz and 6400LOR i could clear see the vibration going up to 10mm/sec RMS. and the acceleration value going to 58.22m/s^2 RMS.(Which was previously 1.54m/s^2 RMS while the Fmax was 1000HZ). I know that...Read More...
Greetings team, This is the subject of a VLCC tanker steam turbine driven vertical pumps. All details are in attached Xl sheets with velocity spectrum in FFT and TWF. Appreciate your feedback on this subject. I can send the turbine side vibration file if required. Present attached vibrations are from Pump side. Regards charyRead More...
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Maintenance Training

Jeff O
Hello everyone. I'm part of a new Maintenance Systems group at a large manufacturing company in West Georgia. We've been focused on equipment reliability and have shown some decent first-step wins. Part of what we're doing is increasing mechanic/technician knowledge and skills. Excellent progress using our vendors, some online software and hands-on labs. However, we also have a facility in Mexico that I'm trying to help in the same area but am coming up short on Spanish Language courses. I'm...Read More...


We are based in BANGALORE CITY INDIA offer top class Consulting services in Master Data MANAGEMENT including cleansing and INVENTORY OPTIMISATION in Oil&Gas or any continous process sector in any ERP environment so that ERP utilities can also be fully exploited for this purpose.I am CPM and CISA with 35 years international experiencei in SCM and Warehousing and Inventory Management including 15 years in the Middle East working with Shell,Dolphin and WOOD GROUP Houston in the above...Read More...
Lubrication is the foundation to any reliability-driven maintenance program and, done correctly, can save thousands of dollars—not to mention increase equipment uptime. In one day, let Des-Case provide a clear picture of what lubrication preferred practices look like and give you the tools to get you there. This event is hosted by Des-Case Corporation and you can register at https://descase.info/atlanta-workshop Date: November 14, 2017 Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Location: The Hilton Marietta...Read More...

Value/Condition of % Inductance Imbalance HELP

We have big controversy, The Stator Fault Zone, with PdMA Inductive imbalance on the stator windings What are the levels that we have to consider as Test Limits? Value/Condition of % Inductance Imbalance High or Low Caution XX% Alarm >~ XX% Air Gap is OK Poles Drope Voltage are OK No Shorted rotor fields OK No Broken amortisseur winding bars OK Ground insulation OK our motors are synchronous motor > 1250 HP RIC test for 200 RPM !!!! ohm Ph 1 to 2 0.2606 ohm Ph 2 to 3 0.2596 ohm Ph3to 1...Read More...
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2140 Live waveform question

I guess I have never noticed this on my 2130 or 2140, but when i'm taking a point reading my live data shows the waveform in in/sec. But saved waveforms are in acceleration/G's? I have combed through every setting and don't see an option to change this, or maybe i'm just missing something and it's supposed to integrate for averaging? I just cant understand why when taking data I cant view it in its saved form of acceleration.Read More...
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We are currently trying to set up a vibration route for our Centac compressors on our CSI 2140. In the past using our ENTEK equipment we used a high frequency transducer for the bull gear and each stage of the compressor. However, using the wizard in AMS machinery manager it doesn't ask us to change transducers. Does anyone have any experience using CSI equipment for readings on a Centac compressor?Read More...
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