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Dears, We have experienced dramatic change of vibration over GT24 "SGT600"  where bearing 3, 4. We have stopped the unit and start it again and vibration trend still high, specially bearing 3. We also carried out NDT test on PT coupling shaft but found no trails for cracks! The high vibration parts are shown in following schematic:     the attached files contains all the required data. any suggestions about this?? it will be appreciated   

Dear All, We have facing a issue with one HT motor with axial fan load. When we start the motor (consider the motor has stopped in offset from magnetic center) it continues to run in offset up to rated speed (996 RPM) condition without trying to attend magnetic center. However when we reduce the speed bellow 500 RPM it comes to magnetic center and continues to run at magnetic center. The motor is designed with floating bearing and load DE side bearing is axial guide bearing. The motor rotor...

Hello, I have big concern because I've been taking vibration measurements on a hydraulic pump that drives three hydraulic motors for our tailing thickener drive system. We have 4 of these thickeners and the vibration level in horizontal direction on these pumps are likely 3 mm/s. But one of them has 7.5 mm/s purely at running speed. I was suspecting of the coupling but waveform doesn't show a specific coupling wear/damage signature. I would apreciate your help and suggestions.   Greetings

  Over the past few years, many SME were established focusing on condition monitoring technologies and taking advantages of the recent developments related to smart devices and internet. Many cute portable tools, add-on gadgets, phone applications, internet based systems etc have been introduced and they gradually mature as alternatives to the classic pricy products/services. That is good for the industry and may/may not be that good for the large player.   A few major acquisitions...

Guys, for new project, Usually we preserved the equipment's (example centrifugal pump) with preservative oil during pump storage.I want to know why it is generally recommended to change the lube oil for centrifugal pump bearing before the commissioning?

Have an odd scenario from a reducer,  We have a 151 Hz peak that resembles gearmesh freq.  but gearbox rebuild shop information does not match for that frequency.  gear teeth counts are not conflicting.  Curious if anyone has seen this before.  gearbox is a double reduction, parallel shafts,  1192 input speed, teeth counts are 25 on HS pinion,  Int shaft has 46 teeth on the bull and 20 on the pinion,  Output shaft has 103 teeth.  This is from the...

Dear Experts, On 12-Jan-2016 we overhauled a Gear box driving huge axial flow pump (This Pump is the other pump just next to the pump for which I had previously asked a query) through a U-joint coupling. We observed damaged Double Row Spherical Roller Bearing (22232 Bearing installed at free end of Output/ LS shaft @ ~214 rpm) due to High Axial thrust forces on Gear Box from the pump side which is eminent from severe damage on Outer side of Inner row of Spherical rollers. The damage clearly...

when you are adding new data base into software or just refreshing a data base, you are required to refresh tree by going in  rbmadmin, Problem is , I forgot password of rbmadmin. so I can't refresh new database. I m using AMS software. I need help.

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VFD Security Risk

Vendors include this setting intentionally in the device’s registry so operators will always know the top speed-limit for motors. But the devices reveal this critical speed to anyone who queries them. They use the Modbus protocol to communicate, and a hacker can send a simple query to the drive’s control board to obtain this critical information then use it against the device.