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The Association of Asset Management Professionals or as we like to call it AMP (formerly the Association for Maintenance Professionals) has a mission to create a new era for the practice of maintenance reliability in the context of asset management for organizations to enhance the delivery for the triple bottom line of economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

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Vibration Analysis Certification Survey

Reliabilityweb.com, VibrationSchool.com and the Association of Asset Management Professionals are conducting a survey on Vibration Certification for a project we are working on. Please take less than 5 minutes to tell us about your Vibration Certification by clicking here: http://uptime4.me/vibecert You can participate anonymously or you can include request a copy of the survey summary once complete. Thank you!

Things to Think About (and Do) 2017

We asked some of our respected friends whom we consider to be thought leaders to look into the future, share their vision and guide us to take advantage of it to be safer and more successful. Best-selling authors and leading subject-matter experts provide excellent interactive learning on a wide variety of subjects you can put to use immediately when you get back to work. Click here to view

An Asset Manager’s Guide to Harvest Management Commitment

This article explains why it is crucial for the enterprise asset manager to guide department level managers toward an understanding of how to translate their vision into a top level, order of magnitude for change. In other words, a company vision is only good if it can be sold to the executive level team of your organization. Read more here

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Vibroport. 41

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vibra motor maroc
i have a vibroport 41 when i press on button it show me a light but nothing on the screen i change the battery ,but still the same problem. The power supply is working fineRead More...

Petasense emerges from stealth to help companies monitor machine health

https://techcrunch.com/2017/06/21/petasense-emerges-from-stealth-to-help-companies-monitor-machine-health/ Industrial IoT startup Petasense emerged from stealth today, officially announcing $1.8 million in seed funding and a hardware/software solution designed to help industrial customers understand when equipment needs maintenance by “listening” to its vibrations. As it turns out, machines vibrate at a certain frequency when they are operating smoothly, but as parts begin to wear down, the...Read More...

VTP Pump 1673Hz dominant peak

I want to hear some of analyst assessment regarding to attached FFT. i have a problem with my VTP (Vertical Turbine Pump) (condensate extraction pump) having high frequency peak, previous history of this pump is that the commissioning team replaced the motor bearing from OB and IB in due to high vibration red about 18 mm/s RMS which dont have any analysis taken (FFT) and found out that the grease was became dry and sees a lacking of grease when opened. after commissioning, we bought...Read More...
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Frequency of rotation for installed spare equipment

We have several instances in our facility where we have an "installed spare". I believe it would be a best practice to rotate them into operation on some frequency. I would imagine that the frequency would vary depending on the equipment and process but I am struggling to convince the operations group to begin this practice. What are the current practices through out industry and what is everyone's experience with this?Read More...
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chiller pump 1-A

Dear Lampard Nguyen , Here with I attached file chiller pump 1-A as per your test message pump time waveform ,Harmonic, spectrum I prepare new spectrum file please check and suggest me I am not full expert vibration analysis .second attached file EOT Crane also gearbox vibration was very high.Read More...

Vertical vibration of hydro generator

Dear all, I have a problem with the vertical vibration of a hydro generator. My customer has 02 units with specifications below: - Speed: 600 rpm; 1x is 10 Hz - Power: 16 MW I took the measurements of vertical direction at upper guige bearing. Unit H1 is good at value 0.761 mm/s, but unit H2 this value is very high 3.92 mm/s. 2X and especially 3x is very very high. You can see in the attached images. Does anyone have experience in this case ? Please give me your advice. Thank you for your help!Read More...
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High 1X Axial Overhung Fan

Raul Rios
Hello friends! It is a combustion air blower of a boiler with 1X of 1784 cpm. The values of 1X radial direction with 4 mm/seg-rms in ODE and 6 mm/seg-rms in DE, but in the axial sense the 1X is 17 mm/seg-rms. There are no harmonics or BPF present in the graphics. What could be producing this high 1X in axial? Further information is needed and can be supplied. Thank you for your valuable comments. Regards, Raul RiosRead More...
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