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The Association of Asset Management Professionals or as we like to call it AMP (formerly the Association for Maintenance Professionals) has a mission to create a new era for the practice of maintenance reliability in the context of asset management for organizations to enhance the delivery for the triple bottom line of economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

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Vibration Analysis Certification Survey

Reliabilityweb.com, VibrationSchool.com and the Association of Asset Management Professionals are conducting a survey on Vibration Certification for a project we are working on. Please take less than 5 minutes to tell us about your Vibration Certification by clicking here: http://uptime4.me/vibecert You can participate anonymously or you can include request a copy of the survey summary once complete. Thank you!

Things to Think About (and Do) 2017

We asked some of our respected friends whom we consider to be thought leaders to look into the future, share their vision and guide us to take advantage of it to be safer and more successful. Best-selling authors and leading subject-matter experts provide excellent interactive learning on a wide variety of subjects you can put to use immediately when you get back to work. Click here to view

An Asset Manager’s Guide to Harvest Management Commitment

This article explains why it is crucial for the enterprise asset manager to guide department level managers toward an understanding of how to translate their vision into a top level, order of magnitude for change. In other words, a company vision is only good if it can be sold to the executive level team of your organization. Read more here

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For Sale / Wanted to Buy

Rusty Cas
Since the For Sale forum here has been inactive for 6 months now, I thought I'd make you aware of an alternative site. You'll have to register and be approved as a member to post there (all applicants are carefully evaluated) and there are not nearly as many members there, but at least it's an alternative . There is also an area set aside for Equipment Vendors to post most anything they'd like.Read More...
Compound cone crusher as a crushing equipment with its high crushing efficiency, large crushing ratio, and low energy consumption is preferred by most users. The replacement of compound cone crusher components is an inevitably encountered problem, let’s look how Fote machinery “dress up” the compound cone crushers ingeniously. Different model cs cone crusher in factory 1、The replacement of cone crusher wall The cone crusher wall is fixed on the cone body with conical head and zinc alloy is...Read More...

Back of pads curve in tilting pad Journal Bearings

Hi guys i am a little confused in tilting pad journal bearing curves. i know concept of preload and design factors in pads curve in Babbitt side (shaft side actually) but what is radius of back of pads? (in attached file is named R out) as we know in pivot type, back of pads contact with bearing shell (named R bearing) and i think if R out = R bearing it dose not happened any tilt. so i guess R out must be different with R Bearing. is my logic true? and how can obtain R out? if we assumed it...Read More...
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Strange HH vibration @ Pump DE only

Hello everybody I would like to share and get your comments on a strange high vibration issue on a pump DE bearing side. The pump is a centrifugal 4 stage, centerline mounted and driven by a motor (60HZ). See below the vibrations: Motor NDE-X =32 um ; Y=19 um Motor DE-X =3 um ; Y=5 um Pump DE-X =94 um ; Y=62 um Pump NDE-X =28 um ; Y=23 um Things confirmed form the plots: No phase shift during transient and steady state TIR reviewed during start-up, only 8um at 300RPM 1X more 80% of direct...Read More...
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For sale Csi-2130

Emerson Csi 2130 is still available for sale Price :: 5,150 USD Includes : Dual Channel Vibration Analyzer With Jacket (1) 4 Channel MUX Adapter {Model 648} (4) Magnetic Accelerometers (4) Accelerometer Cables (15'ft each) {RG-58 Type Coax cable, 20 AWG} (1) IR Tach Cable 80'' TURCK {WASW 4.5T-2/S653} (1) Coiled 2-pin Accelerometer Connector to the yellow Turck Connector Cable (8'ft) {D24844} (1) Monarch PLT 200 Laser Tachometer (1) CSI Communications Cable 25 Pin Conn. To 9 Pin Conn. (2)...Read More...
Hydrocone crusher has become the main force in stone crusher team by virtue of its high productivity and stable performance. It has been a very popular type of crushing equipment in mining area. Hydrocone crusher mainly includes single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. And in this passage FTM engineer mainly introduces the comparison between cs cone crusher and hp cone crusher in operation. cs cone crusher list Contrast on the adjusting mode of their...Read More...

Voith Fluid Coupling Failure Modes

Can Please anyone explain the failure modes of Voith coupling? If input speed is 1500 RPM and output speed 11000RPM,How we can selcect Fmax and LOR for vibration data collection? In which units data should be taken i.e Velocity or accelaertion? Number of teeth is unknown to me. How we can calculate GMF? Is voith vibration analysis same as Gear box?Read More...
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