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Same here. No issues with either. Even using the wireless connection on the 2140 with Windows 10.

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Hello, Sorry for the late response. I just got a price from Emerson and a new unit costs $27,118.00. If you add the alignment software...

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Hi Greetings MTBF assessment: 1. Engine makers Running hours and maintenance schedule, How effectively implemented. 2. Fuel oil, Lube...
chary tatta

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Thanks Big J, there are apps for balance (BalancePro) & phase (PhasePro & X-Phase). All the info is available at ...

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Remember the impact test is made when machine is not rotating so compared to running it may differ like 10% or so depending on influence...

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Hello, Good day The alarm value is given by the OEM that set the value 0.17IPS FOR A SINGLE PEAK BETWEEN 15 hz to 2khz. The over all...

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They've been having some computer problems since Friday and part of their system is down, I was hoping another end user may have the...

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Have you contacted GD through their website at . In my experience they have been willing to share the info.
John from PA

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They have balancing capabilities and phase (both absolute and relative). They are in separate apps, but are affordable and use the same ...
Big J

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Good Morning, I don't have any idea what price is appropriate as I have not seen any for sale. If you have a price in mind please let me...

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Phase Analysis.... phase of X1 reference to a tach signal. 2 channels Balancing capabilities.