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Paper mill vaccum pumps motors are being monitored by CSI2130 for vibration as well as current signature.MCSA gives healthy rotors. Almost in all motors vibrations are quiet low that is less than 1mm/sec for all positions.Peakvue on Non-driving end is also quiet low but on Driving end it is always more than 5g.Almost in all motors, driving end peakvue spectrums an unrelated freq of 3060cpm alongwith its harmonics is observed.This freq is having an order of around 3.07.This is also quiet...Read More...
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Petros Mavropoulos
SKF MX series, full - featured vibration analyzer. Slightly used - mint condition. Items in original plastic case. Bargain price of 3.790 EUR plus transportation (worldwide). CMXA 44-BAL-SL : 2 channels - 2 accelerometers, analyzer, balancing and bump test modules. CMXA CTC-SL : conformance test module CMSW 7311-EN : SKF Analysis and Reporting Module (PC software for transferring files through USB, make analysis and produce reports) Items included:Read More...
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New Low Pricing on Piezo Velocity Sensors

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Dave G.
The CMVP793V is a Class 1 Div II certified, solid state accelerometer with a Velocity output that is ideal for vibration monitoring of fans. When connected to our CMCP602 series extension cables, the CMCP793V is waterproof and may be washed down or submerged. Now just $210.00. For applications where excessive noise or long cable runs are expected, it is also offered in a 500mV/g configuration. Features:...Read More...