2130 peak-vue problems

I have been taking readings on some rolls on our paper machine that are read in velocity as well as in peak-vue.The problem is when the peak-vue readings are below a 0.0019 it comes up as a bad reading on the analyzer but the velocity readings are fine.All the data that is collected looks fine it just shows bad reading .Does anyone know if there is some settings that I need to change or what might be wrong .

Thanks Pchop
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That Peakvue level is extremely low, so perhaps there is a simple problem. Check your measurment point settings. Be sure that sensor (accelerometer) power is ON. Make sure you are measuring in acceleration units. There are other possibilities, but these are the basic ones.

Thanks Guys;
After this post I talked to a good friend and he walked me through the process.Its in the database utility .modify measurement point. He had me change my lowest valid signal level.Thanks again friend and everyone that posted also Walt you were dead on.


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