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Please have someone of you an OPTALIGN PLUS - PC communication cable  (ALI 5.221 or ALI 5.222) and can you help me?

Our distributor told me the product is now obsolete and that spare part is "not on the list" and that's the reason I am asking here.

I used a standard RS-232 connector and PS2 connector with a wire (from old small ring PS2 keyboard extension cable) and that connector exactly fit OPTALIGN PLUS connector.  Unsuccessfully I tried a PS-2 mouse cable as some wire missing there.  Finally I was successful to create a simple 3-wires ready-to-report-printout cable. That simple cable is not ready to use for firmware upgrade, for PC software communication and all other needs.

My trouble is simple: I have 6 wires + shield cable and lot of combinations to interconnect it... Can someone of you, OPTALIGN PLUS users, create for that purpose a simple cable wire schema?

Thank you a lot!

PS: I can exchange that info for other cable drawings I know.

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I should add, I have the cable.  There is a also gender changer that is 25 pin male to 9 female pin for the computer comm input.  I didn't wring that out (probably should have).  BUT if that wiring diagram wring out doesn't work, let me know, I'll double check it.  And, since most computers don't come with a 9 pin communication input, you probably "now" need a 9 pin male to USB interconnect cable with a windows driver.  Computers were suppose to make thing simpler and easier.  Go figure. 

Good luck. Like I stated before, I hope this helps you.  The Optalign Plus is still an excellent laser alignment tool, just antiquated by today's standard.



Here is cable schematics for OPTALIGN PLUS aka PS2 - COM (9pin)
       ______                                    ______  ______  ______                            
  /   D       C  \                              \   C    D    B    o    A   /
|   E            B  |                               \                             /
 \   F   []   A /                                    \   o   o   o    o  /
        ----------                                          ---------- ----------     
pin E and F is not connected. It works well, also for SW features. Great, thank you!

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