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Hi all,
Recently started working for a company, and discovered they have a long neglected Fast Track. I have the software, (floppies!) IQ2000 V 1.07, but the security hasp is long gone. Anybody know a workaround or software source? The new employer isn't too interested in predictive maint.(but apparently was), and there have been a few times an analyzer would have been handy. Are there other software alternatives?
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The IRD Fast Track would interface with Entek/IRD 'PM Power' software. PM Power was basically Entek Emonitor/Examine with drivers developed for the Fast Track, IRD Model 890 and the dataPAC family of collectors.

I think Entek Odyssey software also supported the older IRD hardware also. Perhaps Greg Hood, a current Rockwell associate (I think) and former Entek help-line associate, can provide clarity on that assertion.

Gary Forsythe
Thank you for the reply. I'll try to look him up. At my prvious place of employment, (LLNL - national laboratory), I used primarily CSI, (2110->2130), but started out on an IRD 880. Now working for a small local power / water utility, I miss vibration analysis as much as I thought I would. Anyway, I was pleasantly suprised to find the old IRD, and I'm fairly determined to make it work. I'd love to get it funtional and solve a couple "legacy" problems they, (the utility), have had for years. The're not to interested in investing anything in predictive or vibe right now. I also found an old Bently TK-20, which might be easier, no software involved. I searched this forum and found a zip file posted by Bruce Sheppard, but haven't been able to get the PC and IRD to communicate. Thanks again for the response.

Yes I do. I'm missing the security key to activate it though. The batteries in the box are no good, which is a problem I can fix. The box programming apparently goes away when the batteries go dead. I haven't been able to get the pc and box to communicate though. I found a downloadable in the archives on this site, but still can't get comm. up. All I get from the box is "Establishing comlink".
Yes I have those files. It may be that I'm not loading or configed properly. I'm a bit rusty on my DOS commands. Through Win 2000:
Command prompt to DOS >
FASTLOAD Sceen appears with; FASTLOAD enviornment not set
Path shows C:\IRD >
Config >
Path C:\IRD
File FTV421_E.$90
Port 1
Baud 9600 >
Load instrument >
pc eventually times out, with cable / conn. message
I cannot access pc setup menu, company computer - password protected. If you (or someone), could enlighten me as to the correct setup I would really appreciate it. Thanks much for the response! - Rick
I also have an 890 Fast Track and the FASTLOAD software, and like you have downloaded it to the unit. I can't get it to work though, since is not compatible with the analysis software that I use. Apparently it only runs with EMonitor Odyssey software. It's a shame really beause it's in perfect conditions Frowner
Originally posted by Robert U.:
Do you have the fastload program on the PC? I have the folowwing files that were used in the fastrack. FTV421_E.$90 FBALV320.$90 CDNV320.$90 and the FASTLOAD.exe file if you need.

I have an ird fastrack without O/S. I need the fast load.exe file and help in getting Fastrack to download and communicate with the computer to download and display route data. I also need pmpower software with key to analyze data. I am looking for help in getting this fastrack to acquire vibration data and display/print.

Thank you
Hello Robert
We have a old FastTrack out of service because the computer that had the IQ2000 and the Fast Track firmware broke. We would like to have this instrument as backup for balancing...
We really be thankfull if you can send the files

Originally posted by RIKKITIK:
I don't know what a .rar file is, apparently my pc doesn't either. Link was unplayable, did get alot of spam though.

An RAR file is a method of compressing multiple files into a single file, not unlike Winzip. RAR is more common overseas where as you likely know Winzip is common in the states. If you still need the content, you can find some tools online that will unzip it for you.

The link http://www.convertfiles.com/co...hive/RAR-to-ZIP.html provides a method to upload an RAR file and you get back a link with the desired output after conversion. I would use with care and scan the results for a virus prior to opening any file.

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