Enpac 2500 measurements taken with wrong time/date

Anyone have a pro tip for fixing measurements taken with the wrong date in the memory of the enpac 2500. I took a boatload today, and apparently the battery ran dead sometime over the weekend. All the measurements are listed as 1/1/2007 in emonitor. I can change them one measurement/definition at a time. That amounts to hundreds of date changes, or take all the measurements again. Not sure which makes me want to gouge my eyes out with an accelerometer more. Also, does the enpac have an internal battery that stores the time/date (thought maybe mine died). You would think a $20k data collector would have that, half the trinkets at Wal-Mart for 5 dollars have that feature.

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version 3.60.44. I see the find replace in the edit pulldown. I am assuming I would search for the incorrect date and replace with the correct date?

edit: I played with it a little. I think I would need a little guidance. The part in the help section that says "warning replaced items cannot be undone" adds a little pucker factor to the experimentation.

If it scares you to perform the function, back up your database. If your on a SQL network, find somewhere on your network to save it. Put your cursor on the plant and highlight it. Select "edit" ,"Create Template". When the window pops up click on "options". Click on "select all", then "OK". Now give it a name you want to save the template as and click on "Save".

This will give you a backup of that plant with all the spec library associated with that plant intact. If you mess up, you can paste this template back in after deleting the messed up plant and you're good to go again.


If you have a stand alone system, it's even easier. Through windows explorer find on your hard drive the "X:|Program Files\Gupta\SQLbase901"

Click on the folder with your plant name. Inside the folder is your database with all the info. Right click and "copy". Find somewhere and "Paste" the copy for safe keeping. If you mess up, then all you have to do is go back to the original folder, delete the database that is in there, and copy your saved one back in.


When doing the copying and pasting above for the stand alone system, you'll need to make sure the database engine is down. Make sure there is no tab in the bottom showing the "SQLbase Server 9.0.1 S Client" showing. If there is, click on it, and when it opens select "File" "Exit" and wait for it to write some info back to the database and then close. Then you can do the copy and paste.


Now, to the original question. You've already found the "Edit" "replace" function, so once that opens click on the "find" button and select "archive".

Now double Click in the white space under "column" and keep hitting the "L" key until it finds the "Latest Date/Time". For the test select "=", and then click on the "value" column. This should bring up today's (what ever day you are doing this) date. Click on each part of the date, and either change it manually or use the up/down arrows on the right to get the date you're looking for (1/1/2007). Now put the date you're wanting to replace this date with in the "replace with" area.

Then click on "find next", and let it hunt. If your db is relatively small, (10 meg or so) it won't take long to find. If it's large (15-20 meg) then it may take 30 seconds or so to find the first one.

After it finds it, click replace and watch the date pane, you'll see the date replaced. You can hit "find next" and "replace" for each and every one of them if you want, or after doing it three or four times and knowing that it is finding the right thing, you can hit "replace all" and tell it "yes" you're sure.


One of the ways you can speed up the search time if you've got a large data base is to give more details in the search pane. Before you put in the date you're wanting to find, perhaps tell it what Train to look for the date in, or you can use different search criteria. A relatively regular size data base (smaller than 15 meg I'll say) won't take very long. Of course, this too depends on the clock speed of the server or computer too.


Let me know if I've confused you too much. There is very little you

can't correct, And if you make a backup template or copy of the db, you can't lose while your learning.



Thank you so much for taking the time Dave! I have been backing up the database regularly, I should be more brave about experimenting with e-monitor ( now that I know how to restore the database from my saves I will be). The older I get the more I feel like my parents when I had to show them how to send an e-mail or something basic. I will tackle this first thing in the morning.

I am currently following the recommendations of RRS Dave and it worked for the Magnitude readings.  However when I try to do it for the time reading, I get an error about trying to replace an already existing value. So I am going down through the customer one train at a time.

by the way, my database is 90 Meg, so each change takes a while. Still beats doing them one at a time.

You would think this is a common mistake and a way would exist to keep the time increments and change the date. Oh well. Not experienced enough in Gupta to do that.



Yea, that's what I ended up doing.  There was a problem with doing it globally for the time data.  Figured out there was one time archive item that the tech must have corrected on his own, or maybe I did only one.  So when you try to do them globally, that one stinkin' item says to Gupta, 'OH, you already have an item for that date with that time' meaning midnight.  So then it stops and won't change any of them.  Finally found it and it's all corrected.



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