For sale Csi-2130

Emerson Csi 2130 is still available for sale

Price :: 5,150 USD

Includes : Dual Channel Vibration Analyzer With Jacket
(1) 4 Channel MUX Adapter {Model 648}
(4) Magnetic Accelerometers
(4) Accelerometer Cables (15'ft each) {RG-58 Type Coax cable, 20 AWG}
(1) IR Tach Cable 80'' TURCK {WASW 4.5T-2/S653}
(1) Coiled 2-pin Accelerometer Connector to the yellow Turck Connector Cable (8'ft) {D24844}
(1) Monarch PLT 200 Laser Tachometer
(1) CSI Communications Cable 25 Pin Conn. To 9 Pin Conn.
(2) BNC Standard Male to Female Cables (50'ft) {CB103-E-050-F}
(1) Tach Input Cable, BNC to Turck, (4'ft) {D24862}
(1) BNC to BNC, General Purpose Coaxial Cable, (4'ft) {A661}
(1) 5 Pin TURCK Cable {WAKW 4.5T-6-WASW 4.5T} Still in Package.
(1) Ethernet Cable (7'ft) Still in Package.
(1) USB Communication Cable {10U2-02206} Still in Package.
(1) External Battery Pack {Model 408}
(1) ACCULAB Pocket Pro Digital Scale, with Assorted Balancing Trial Weights {PP-150B/PP-250B}
(1) Magnetic Balancing Compass


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