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Hi guys, I have a motor on a belt conveyor which shows considerable drag (when rotating the motor shaft by hand) and considerable end play on the shaft (in the order of an 1/8th of an inch or so).

So I would like to replace the bearings, but the General Electric numbers only link me to aircraft parts site (which sounds like big bucks to me).

Could one of you be so kind as to cross reference the GE bearings to a different manufacturer please?

The bearing numbers are:


They are for a 7 1/5 hp motor and I would consider the environment to be rough-to-severe duty (California desert).

Thanks guys,

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When you said GE I almost didn't bother looking. GE and Westinghouse part numbers are impossible to decode without a supersecret magic cross reference.

But these are ABMA numbers... easy to decode.
30BC02 = 6206
40BC02 = 6208
The 6206 and 6208 are part number formats used by SKF and several others.

xp I'm' not sure about, but it won't affect the fault frequencies.

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