High vibration on vertical pump of thermal power plant

Hi all,

We are facing to vibration problem with vertical pump of thermal power plant.

Speed: 1485 rpm

- When motor run solo, only 1X is dominant

- When motor couples to fluid coupling and gearbox (still uncoupled to pump), all measurement points are still appear 1X dominant, highest is at fluid coupling.

All bearings at motor and fluid coupling are new replacement, gearbox is planetary with sleeve bearing.

I concluded that motor is unbalanced and there is problem with coupling between motor and fluid coupling.

Please comment if you have any experience. We are still waiting to next step to work again.

Thanks all.


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The vibration at motor could be unbalance but it is not a big thing. However, the problem could be from Fluid coupling and gearbox. I concern what time of problem occur. Is it new or from the past? any maintenance activities was conducted to motor, fluid coupling, gearbox?

If you have a drawing, please share. 

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