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Our company is looking at switching over to JD Edwards and want to include their maintenance module for us to use as our cmms. We are currently using an internet based system which we like. Does anyone have any pros and cons of JD Edwards CMMS ?
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Never heard of JD Edwards CMMS. However, swtiching to other CMMS might involve of migration of your existing data such as asset register and work histories which could be time-consuming & effort-intensive unless you are willing to lose them.

I think a good CMMS would include the following parts as a minimum:
1) data analyses for KPIs
2) asset register with bill of materials
3) tasklist
4) planning & scheduling
5) Work order processing
6) material master
7) Inventory
8) store
9) Contracting
Josh, I'm Really not a specialist of JD Edwards. The thing I know is that right now, even resellers of JD Edwards are looking for other solutions to implement. We are right now replacing JD Edwards maintenance modules with customers and they tell us that our module is a lot better. In guideTI for exemple you have the to total costs that you need (related to your last message).
I have extensive experience with JDE as as end user and can direct you to an excellent resource if you need assitance with implementation, etc.

I've implemented "World" version of both the Equipment & Plant Maintenance (E&PM = CMMS)and Job Cost Modules. These are both the older character based "green screen" version although I know that their newer Entrprise is more current.

From what I'm reading Oracle is committed to maintain JDE for the foreseeable future (10 yrs +/-).

JDE World version is primarily a financial package so that tends to be where its focus is. It soes a great job with managaing the financail aspects although it's much less than ideal on "CMMS" aspects. The

The Enterprise version has been rated very high in Gartner's EAM "Magic Quadrant" EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) analysis.

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