MTBF Best Practices

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Need some tips & suggestions for MTBF & MTTR through SAP, how are you guyz working on it, few best practices, I am bit newbie for reliability stuff, but with Mechanical Engineering background have 10 years experience on Condition Monitoring and Rotating Machinery.

Can you suggest that MTBF should be for a system, or a machine, or a component.

For example cooling water system would fail when it is not providing the cooling water, which off-course would be a very rare case when we have 2x100%

A pump would be considered failed, when it is not pumping, whether it is a problem with a pump it self or its motor.

Or we should consider MTBF for pump separately and motor Separately

or even the component level i.e. MTBF of bearing and shaft and impeller as individuals etc.


Kindly share your views and practices

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Based on RCM practices, the failure is function based, not component based. If the pumps cannot perform its design function, whether it is because of the pump itself, the motor, the controls, or the power supply failing, it is still non-functional and should be considered as such. Having a working pump with nothing to drive it gains nothing for the plant as a whole, as the function is impaired. 

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