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I am looking for reliability data on HVAC. I've managed to find data on process equipment but HVAC is not included. Can somebody please direct me to any reliability studies on HVAC or data on this type of equipment. Thank you.
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Hullo Rennie,

The OREDA database contains HVAC data. While the database itself is only avaialbale to the participating Oil Companies, a limited data set is available in book form from the publishers DNV Norway. There are 4 books and the newer books may not contain the data set in the older ones, so chack which book or books has the data. These books are expensive, about $200 each.
A short description of the book "Offshore Reliability Data Handbook" 4th Edition, (OREDA 2002), referred by Vee, can be reached here:

The handbook is sold for NOK 4,250 (approximately Eur 545 or USD 680) per copy including shipping/handling charges.

And this article can also be of help:


Unfortunately such specialized information is only available, for the time being, from manufacturers and private data bases; the latter being very expensive without exception. Books on reliability sometimes bring data on appendixes but are quite limited. There is a book which is special in this regard. Perhaps you might take a look in some library or book-shop and find it useful "Reliability Maintainability and Risk" by Dr. David J. Smith, edited by BH (Butterworth & Heinemann), sixth edition, 2001.

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I tot for student research, the U will have the budget, from the student's fee I guess. This kind of reference book can be used by many students. Another idea is your library maybe has an interchange program with other universities like Imperial College. Just go & ask your librarian or prof in charge. I heard engineers or (the like I guess) are looking for info 33% of their time. So have to pass this hurdle.
I purchased the database associated with the book that Rui mentioned - it's called Faradip.three. I think we paid around $700 US for it and it has proved useful in providing a sanity check against our own data which, as for many of us, is shaky. There is little if any more data in the database than in "Reliability Maintainability and Risk".

My 2 cents worth, I'd buy the book Wink

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