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Hello, experts I have a high vibration problem with a gas turbocharger, the shaft was checked and it was confirmed that there is runout, the problem is how can I compensate the runout so that the compressor does not shutdown for high vibration, I tried to polish the shaft but I did not I managed to remove completely, the slow roll vector of the XT-530-A and XT-530-B sensors is 1.2 mils, the strange thing is that when it comes to compensate the bode plot of the XT-530- B the slow roll vector...Read More...
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Reciprocating Compressor Liner Failure

We have Reciprocating type Dresser Rand make Natural Gas ( BOG) compressor.. It is 2 stage 4 cylinder compressor.Recently we have done complete overhauling of the machine and replaced all piston ring and rider ring with new one. In HP NDE Cylinder Piston rubbed the liner after only 50 hrs of running hour. With same piston ring and rider ring we are getting more than 4500 running hour life. In one piston there is 2 Piston and 2 rider rings. Construction of rings is Rings Split type. What are...Read More...
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Abnormal peaks vibration of Hydraulic turbine

Dear all, Kindly please suggest me for Abnormal peaks vibration My Fertilizer Plant has a Hydraulic Turbine (the HPRT) connected to a motor by a clutch, plays an important role in energy consumption reduction. 1. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND High vibration on the HPRT has been noticed since 2014. It was recorded abrupt increase, continuously and unstable high vibration on DE and NDE hydraulic turbine side in a certain period so we stop the HPRT for along time. Machine has been three-times...Read More...
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SKF CMSS2200 vs CMSS2100 readings error

I used the shaker(1g RMS, Velocity (RMS) 9.8mm/s @159.2Hz) to measure the sensitivity of CMSS2200 and CMSS2100 sensors and the measurement details are below. Microlog1(rms) MicroLog2 SI No Model Bias 1g shaker Sensitivity 1 g shaker Sensitivity S94443 CMSS2100 12.84V 0.984 9.84 0.985 9.85 S43814 CMSS2200 12.49V 1.24 12.4 1.27 12.7 S43811 CMSS2200 12.76V 1.23 12.3 1.19 11.9 S75804 CMSS2200 12.48V 1.24 12.4 SKF Sensor S44744 CMSS2100 12.75V 0.968 9.68 Currently, we are using CMSS2200(S43814)...Read More...
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Motor axial vibration trend increased

Dear all. Kindly please suggest me for the given below spectrums at motor axial direction 8.2mm/s at MDE&5.2mm/s at MNDE.same spectrum is dominating at all direction.but i will post motor axial direction. machine desing=motor->flywheel>compressor present running load=50% when load reaches to 100% axial vibration trend will reduced upto 3mm/s. Driven equipment is reciprocating compressor with 2stag with four CYl heads Motor RPm=420 KW-630 Pole-14 MNDE axial spectrum MDE axial Thanks...Read More...

Dynamix 2500 wireless Receiver setup

Hello All, I am trying to collect data from a wireless monitoring system using Allen bradley Dynamix 2500 but was advised that since the wireless receiver is already powered via a lithium battery, I need to disable power supplied by the hand unit before plugging in my BNC. I think its related to ICP setup but not sure. Thoughts?Read More...
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Cold alignment values in preheater fan to kiln

Dear expert Can u suggest me what is the permissible radial alignment in preheater ID fan to kiln. As the temperature in the fan during running condition is almost 300 degree . Because three months before we have a call from the customer from cement plant they were facing high axial vibration in there fan.so we checked the fan vibration reading it's showing 3.6mm/s in radial but axial was 6.3mm/s .so now after three months they call us again because the customer is in shut down they call us...Read More...
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