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Vibration in flotation cells with belt drive

Hi everyone. I hope you can help me with the following case. I have a belt drive unit, the motor is 712RPM and the cell rotor rotates at approximately 82RPM. The rotor has two plummer block, with the same bearing (SKF23152 CCK / W33). For these conditions: 1 BPFO: 751CM 1 BPFI: 964CPM 1 FFT: 35.76 CM 1 BSF: 316 CPM Belt frequency: 65.6CPM. The strange thing about the case I am analyzing is that BPFO harmonics are observed with a predominance of 4BPFO (3000CPM) at all measurement points. I...Read More...
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Kindly note we have a vertical turbine pump of 18000mt3/hr capacity. It has been recently overhauled and installed. During trial run vibration was taken on pump thrust bearing housing. Although the Horizontal(Across flow) and Vertical(Along flow) vibration readings are acceptable and frequency matches with the speed of the pump, there is a high vibration in axial 5x-6x component along with other higher components as depicted in the attached pic. Can anybody analyze why this is happening. Can...Read More...
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Availability metric

Hi, I've been assigned to a project building three manufacturing process buildings that is 90% complete. The buildings have been constructed and the facility/ process equipment have already been purchased with most installed. The stated availability metric for the complex is 85%. I think that is very low but "everyone approved the 85%. You should get over it." We don't use OEE. In fact - we don't have a lot of metrics I'm used to that I thought were standard. That being said, I thought...Read More...
Hi All, Would be very thankful If any can share the reference to a STANDARD or a publication or guidelines addressing Acceptance criteria for acceptable vibration levels on valve & actuator body vibration levels. I can refer to EI guidelies / W&B chart for piping vibration levels but looking for something specific to valve vibration. regardsRead More...
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Reliability of asset is on top of management mind, but how to set a clear defined maintenance agenda is another, I have seen strong support of management is required to improve maintenance process and the team should be equipped with best tools and CMMS Software to achieve full maintenance management control, here is a great blog article about improvement in Reliability maintenance. I would like to start discussing and welcome thoughts and suggestion on how to develop a best maintenance...Read More...

Two Speed Induction Motors

I have a two speed electric motor fitted to a large pillar drill (Arboga Type) and had a problem where the motor could be started in either direction just by spinning the chuck. High speed also did not appear to be operational. The motor has 6 wires and the field resistances would appear to be approximately 26 ohms and 16 ohms. Following the logic through the rotary switch it would appear that when either low or high speed is selected the other coil is left open circuit. If anybody has any...Read More...
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Duplicate point BMwizard when you hit the recalculate speeds

Hello, I hope you can help me. A plant pump was already created, but the previous configuration of the wizzar was with direct coupling, however it had to modify since its belt transmitter, when updating the structure in the wizzar and recalculating the speeds, duplicate points were created but Only peakvue points, does anyone know how to avoid this or recommend a solution.Read More...
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