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High acceleration of the gearbox casing

I would like to ask you for a recommendation regarding the existing problem of high acceleration of the gearbox casing. The gearbox is single-stage with cylindrical helical gears. It is installed between LP and HP centrifugal air compressors. Available gear unit data: rated power: 6491 kW bull gear speed range: 5280 rpm – 6480 rpm pinion speed range: 9000 rpm – 11040 rpm number of teeth on the bull gear: 99 number of teeth on the pinion: 58 The gearbox accelerations are measured with two...Read More...
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Electrical mechanical looseness

Can someone briefly explain what electrical mechanical looseness in a transformer is? I am fairly certain that the example and the recording I have are very similar. This is a step down transformer from 480 to 277. I can hear distinct popping sounds like tracking is present in the sound wave file also. So is this an example of looseness that has now become an electrical issue as well? I welcome any thoughts.Read More...
Motor Speed: 2950 RPM Fan Speed: 3862 RPM In your opinion, What is the cause of this vibration oscillation?Maximum Vibration oscillation is at point 3V(DE FAN.Vertical) in the attachment, you can see the: Slow Motion of Belt moving, FFT and Part of Time Signal, Long Time Signal, Sound of Vibration thanks allRead More...
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2x harmonic reading at 0º and missing at 180º

Hi everyone, I am struggling with a strange problem when measuring a roundness profile of large rotor in a horizontal grinding machine. The rotor is a paper mill where both rotor ends are ground. The rotor is attached between centres (headstock/tailstock). Rotor alignment is supposed to be in tolerance. When I measure the roundness (not exactly the roundness, it is the total radial displacement though) with capacitive non-contact sensors I obtain the displacement waves. The problem arises...Read More...
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Schenck Smartbalancer compatibility with Pruftechnik Omnitrend software

Hi, Any idea if I can use Schenck Smartbalancer VIB 5.310 SR (using Pruftechnik accelerometers VIB6.147) as a Data Collector and Signal Analyzer along with Pruftechnik software Omnitrend (as both devices Schenck and Pruftechnik seems similar) ? Thank you, M.Read More...
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Injectors MTU

Hassan engineer
HELLOW friend i want to do a task to replace the injectors for my engine MTU, I buy 32 new injectors but I find that all this injectors are marked with hand by a letter B. please can someone explain me if this injectors are new or used. see picture belowRead More...
I have three of the hydraulic pumps listed in the attachment. (Rexroth A2V500HDLOR 5GPK/79) The pump is made in Uchida Japan. Part numbers 1100132855 (ball bearing for main drive shaft); 1303021918 (roller bearing for main drive shaft) & 1606049689 (roller bearing for swivel housing) I am having trouble getting the OEM numbers above translated into a bearing number that I can get fault frequencies for. In my motor circuit analysis Demod spectrum I am seeing non-synchronous peaks on two...Read More...
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