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Tan oil refrigerant

Dear all I am facing to increasing TAN number for bitzer bse 170 (poe oil)after 2 month charging new oil with 0.02 TAN increase to 0.2. Lab oil analysis shows high copper wear element . All other parameters were ok. Refrigerant is R134a.pls share your idea . Best regardsRead More...

Vertical pump motor DE high vibration

We have a vertical motor driving the condensate pump. It is a 2000KW , 1490 RPM motor. The motor DE and NDE bearing vibration is going high. It is known that the outer race of DE bearing is rotating in the housing. 1X and harmonics say this. In addition, we have frequencies in 450HZ to 600HZ with a number of side bands. Bearing is NU 230. Appears to be bearing defect frequency but none of the peaks in this region is matching with bearing defect frequency or harmonic. The spectrum is attached...Read More...
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High Radial Vibration on Water Injection Pump (WEIR PUMP)

My Fellow Colleague, Been battling with a water injection pump for weeks now, the pump is a centrifugal multistage pump with 6 stages driven by a siemens electric motor through a lufkin gearbox . The pump had failed early this year due to process issue, pump was run for a long time without load, signal was sent to the breaker to trip pump, but it did not trip, luckily the pump was hand tripped by an operator, when we started, the pump refuse to turn, so we got another bundle which has been...Read More...
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High 4x Centrifugal Basket Machine

Hello, I have a centrifugal basket machine spindle bearing that was rebuilt in March 2019. Upon doing a quality check after the rebuild, it was noticed that there was a high 4x peak on the spindle. The machine was inspected and it was noted that there was nothing out of the ordinary. Short of pulling the spindle again, there was nothing more to do besides monitor the condition of it. Several months later (now), the spectrum has become distorted around this and other surrounding frequencies.Read More...
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What is your answer to the below vibration question and *** why ***? This page is from "Fault Analysis and Correction". Part 5 of Vibration Analysis Certification Exam Preparation Package: https://lnkd.in/eKv4TyF Drop me a private message, if you are interested in more details about purchasing the booklets. Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa # certification # rotatingequipment # conditionmonitoring # vibrationanalysis # reliability # machinery # machines # vibration # diagnosisRead More...
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Job Opportunity

Dear All, We are looking for CBM engineer to work with us in an oil and gas field in the desert of Libya . Please, Must meet the following conditions : _ Vibration analysis certificate at least category III at Mobius Institute or it's equivalent with experience as well. _ Oil analysis. _ Balance correction. _ Knowledge Bently Nevada Vibration Monitoring System. _ Knowledge reliability leader. I am looking forward to receiving your reply Yours faithfully,Read More...
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