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Sub Synchronous fault

Hello: Hope all are fine. I am facing the high vibration issue of Vertical VS4 type pump (as per API-610). Pump is mounted on the vessel for draining the acid water. Here are some spectrums for your reference, needs your comments/suggestions. Recently the pump is overhauled and bearing(bush & rolling) was changed. Motor is in perfect condition gives 0.3mm/sec vibration in solo run.Read More...
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Pump Switching Program

I have just a general question about what other plants typically do with there pump switching program. I have always followed the guidelines that starting and stopping a pump is more risky than say false brinelling of a stationary bearing. I would much rather a operator, if possible turn the spare pumps by hand a quarter turn. There is the benefit of getting the pump up to operation temperature but at the risk of failing a mechanical seal early. there are other reasons to switch pumps of...Read More...
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1X at Hydraulic Coupling

Dear all, We're facing a problem with the Hydraulic Coupling of boiler feeder pump. The absolute vibration taken by CSI2140 is very high at all directions, at the moment, it's more than 10 mm/s. This has happened for a long time and can't find the answer. - Input:1500 rpm; Output: 5971 rpm Only 1X of output shaft dominates. The spectrum is below: But the relative vibration of this shaft (taken by online system) is very small, about 20 um. If you have any ideal, please help me, all opinions...Read More...
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Dear Members , I have facing problem while uploading route data into analyzer like some of the equipment points are not uploading or some equipment are missing .Is i modify the route data ,again facing the same problem . Please refer below attached screen shots .Read More...
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Daer All, Can you please assist me to set FMAX,and Resolution for Gear box vibration monitoring, Gear Mesh Frequency (GMF) = No. of teeth x Shaft Speed = 73 x 7950 = 580350 CPM or 9672.5 HZ How much Fmax and Reolution? Is 100 mv/g sensor is recommended to take vibration data by off line data collector.? There is no online accelrometer installed on it.Only proximeter probes are installed. No. of teeth at input shaft 73 No. of teeth at output shaft 43 Rated Input speed 7950 Rated output speed...Read More...
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