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high nde vibration on vertical electro pump

hi dear all. i am facing to high vibration at motor nde of large vertical pump . we dont have problem at pump. un coupled motor have normal vibration about 2 mm/s. after couple to pump , vibration rises to 6 mm/s at nde of vertical motor. after about 5 hour pump working , vibration rises to 12 mm/s .fft shows just 1x(1000 rpm ). we have high differential amplitude value between horizontal and vertical . those problem just at nde of vertical electro motor.we dont have problem with two another...Read More...
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3700 kW ABB electro motor with bearing noise

dear all Have a electro motor with bearing noise NDE Bearing is NU 1044 M out put:3700 kw speed:750 rpm (Shaft speed frequency 12.5 Hz) Frequency drive controlled. Electro motor has increasing Acceleration RMS value (5 g today) and peaks at lower frequency on Velocity FFT. Peak of 7.17 mm/s (0-P) at 8.75 Hz. Acceleration FFT is showing peak of 3.2 g (RMS) at 2950 Hz. Any suggestion what can be the cause and how severe is this numbers..Read More...
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Hydro gen set showing 200 Hz as the excitation freq

Hi, 5 mw generator supplied for one of the hydro plant. The generator was fine at our shop during mech run test. all open and closed circuit test was normal. pelton wheel directly mounted on generator shaft. no coupling. rated speed 600 rpm (10 Hz), run away speed 1080 rpm at site we observed resonant frequency at 780 rpm.... run away speed with vibs reaching till 20 mm/sec rms on Gen NDE, balancing was done at at rated speed, and then at 780 rpm vibs dropped to 6-7 mm/sec set was loaded.Read More...
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Equipement level for weibull analysis

HI dear all, i would like to know if a Weibull analysis can be done at the level of a machine (eg a loader) by considering the failures at its sub-assemblies (motor for example), or modules (brake blocks for example) and other components in order to estimate its reliability? In short, Can one make a Weibull analysis at the level of a big whole equipment having historical failures at the level of its various modules and components? Many thanksRead More...
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How to detect imbalance or misalignment in a team that rotates at low speed?

Good evening: We are monitoring equipment that rotates at low speed (below 20 RPM) and our concern is how to detect that the equipment is unbalanced or misaligned, is there any method in this regard for detection?. We have disassembled a equipment and found it misaligned and could not be detected in the vibrational monitoring. Regards.Read More...
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Dry Gas Seal Failures

One of our centrifugal compressor 2 BCL 306/A of make GE houses the 3 rd and 4 th compression stages and is being used at our Urea Plant for feeding CO 2 gas into the Urea Reactor at 160 kg/cm 2 . Compressor is equipped with John Crane make Dry Gas Seals of type 28AT at its drive and non-drive ends. In the last two and a half months, we have experienced twice the failure of non-drive end dry gas seal of aforesaid compressor; details are narrated below: The compressor was overhauled in...Read More...
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Signal Processing in Matlab

Hello, I am looking at learning how to complete signal processing for condition monitoring in house on matlab and was wondering if anyone has any resources they would recommend for this? I have a few resources on signal processing, just less on the actual practical implementation in matlab. Is the signal processing toolbox necessary? ThanksRead More...
Last Reply By Walt Strong · First Unread Post

Are the vibration values correct?

An axis that rotates at 10 RPM (0.16 Hertz) has been monitored with the SKF CMSS 2200 sensor; when looking at the Typical Frequency Response chart it is observed that 0.16 Hertz falls outside the minimum range (0.70 Hertz) of the curve, so my query is: is this transducer not valid for the velocity mode ?, if so, then the values of vibration obtained with this transducer are not correct ?.Read More...
Last Reply By Dave Reynolds · First Unread Post