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Vibration in pump

Hi , I come across a vibration problem in horizontal double suction centrifugal pump in which axial play of the shaft is 0.4mm and so I decided to put 0.4 mm shim on NDE, but I found inner race of the ball bearing having play. After commissioning of the pump, the vibration is reduced. Please explain the reason .Read More...
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High Slow Roll Reading on 1 Probe

Guys, I have a Solar Titan 130 Gas Turbine. It's a 2 Shaft Gas Turbine. 1st Shaft - Gas Producer Rotor - Consists of Axial Compressor and 2 Stage Gas Turbine. Air Intake End of this rotor is connected through a spline coupling to the accessory drive gearbox. Please see attached layout image. 2nd Shaft - Power Turbine Rotor - 2 Stage Gas Turbine Discs providing mechanical drive to the Centrifugal Gas Compressor All the radial bearings are fitted with X & Y proximity probes. Slow Roll...Read More...
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Guys, I would like to have inputs from the fellows who have worked with SKF Microlog Analyzer. I have a Permanent installation, stud mounted Velocity Transducer (Make: CEC Model:4-131) installed on Accessory Drive Gear box of Solar Titan 130 Gas Turbine. I want to get Acceleration Data from the BNC Connector of this Velocity Sensor. However, in the setup for Micro log Analyzer when I select Vibration sensor type as velocity sensor the measurement units I get are only for Velocity or...Read More...
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This is regarding ID fan of 200 MW unit ,axial flow fan .Fan NDE bearing is inside duct and Fan DE bearing is outside duct and is accessible. Fan is coupled to motor by means of flexible coupling. There was abnormal sound from fan side. On bearing inspection following was observed .What could be reason for this damage ? please guideRead More...

High gearbox housing vibration

Hi, GB details: Double stage single helical for cooling water pump application. Power: 1450kW; Input/Output speed: 5900/590 (10:1 ratio) Recently I was shared a site vibration data of a high speed gearbox , The housing vibrations measurement details are attached; From the spectrum data , the dominant frequency is at 53,000 cpm which is close to 9X of Input pinion shaft rpm. The vibrations are found dominant at pinion shaft non drive end (28 mm/sec) Kindly share your views. Santosh SRead More...
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shaft looseness

Dear Experts what is the best way to detect the shaft wear under the bearing inner race or under the sleeve specially i face many problems like that but the only frequency shown in the spectrum is 1XTS. Example Overhung Fan variable speed motor (rated speed 1485 rpm) dominant frequency 1XTS (H=10 mm./sec....Vertical=6 mm./sec.....A=4 mm./sec) after balancing the vibration dropped to 2 mm./sec but in two days the vibration reached 36 mm./sec at horizontal direction 1XTS dominant vertical 25...Read More...
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Hello Everyone This is regarding a 3 stage reduction gearbox used in Tyre industry. The gearbox has been running for the past 20 years with original set of gears. No major overhauls are carried out apart from replacing input and intermediate stage bearings few years back. This is the first vibration study carried out on this equipment. Input shaft rotational speed during measurement is 19.8Hz and the input stage gear mesh frequency is at 277.7Hz, intermediate stage at 62.7Hz and output stage...Read More...
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