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Induction motor solo run test

Hi all, I observed many times the presence of 2FL in FFT of induction motor solo run test, even though vibration level is normal. Can anybody clarify the technical reason behind inducing 2 * line freq. in an induction motor? What are the permissible level for that ? If there is a fluctuating amplitude of 2FL then what its indicate?Read More...
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High vibration in ID Fan bearings

Dear Experts, We experience a problem with one of our ID Fans. The machine train is Motor - Oil Flex - Centerhung Fan. The Fan bearings are showing high vibration. Seems like a clearance issue. The clearance between the shaft and the bearing is 2.5 mm. One of the expert suggest for a shaft repair. Shaft OD at present is 179.30mm. Required is 180 mm. Shaft repair is costly and we need a second opinion. Did any of you experience similar problems? Is there any alternative? The vibration...Read More...
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Raw Vertical Mill

Dear Experts i face a problem at a raw vertical mill MAAG Gear model WPU (forcing frequencies are attached at the file) Gearbox type : Epicyclic gearbox problem existence is only on load when the rollers at the grinding table , a unique ferquency shows and its amplitudes fluactuates reaching the alarm level and the shutdown level ,this frequency has a broadband energy and such frequency dosent related to the forcing frequencies at all at the attached file. thanks for helpRead More...
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Erbessd vibration analyzers - Performance and reliability

Hi all I am looking for some reliable vibration analyzers with wireless triaxial accelerometers and came across this company. https://www.erbessd-instruments.com/ Any feedback about their performance & reliability from vibration experts here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. MuthuRead More...
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Turbine Balancing

Dear Friends, We are facing one vibration issue in one of 660 MW turbo machinery. The vibration peak and phase datas are attached for your reference. The problem what we are facing is while performing balancing the FSNL vibration readings are drstically reduced however the full load vibration datas are further increased compared to before balancing datas. We have taken 3 trials. First trial we have added the weights in LP rotor- B both side( bearing plane 5 & bearing plane 6) We added...Read More...
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2x Turning speed critical in paper machine rolls

Is there anyone else out there who knows about this phenomenon. Balance tech or anyone else. I can clearly see it in the balancer but I do not know how the rolls actually react in the machine. Does the felt actually dampen the critical or not. My theory is that the energy is carried out to the bearings, anyone know for sure. thanks SteveRead More...
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250 HP Motor - 2x vibration w/ sidebands

Hi Everyone, Could use some help with a small motor I am trying to troubleshoot. I have attached a PDF with an overall amplitude trend, a spectrum, and a zoomed in view of the same spectrum that shows the side bands I mention below. This is a 250 HP motor (ball bearings) driving a small overhung pump (ball bearings) in reduced crude service (600+ F). This is a constant speed machine (3594 RPM) , and the load on the pump/motor never changes as the process condition does not vary. In the...Read More...
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