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Hello Everyone This is regarding a 3 stage reduction gearbox used in Tyre industry. The gearbox has been running for the past 20 years with original set of gears. No major overhauls are carried out apart from replacing input and intermediate stage bearings few years back. This is the first vibration study carried out on this equipment. Input shaft rotational speed during measurement is 19.8Hz and the input stage gear mesh frequency is at 277.7Hz, intermediate stage at 62.7Hz and output stage...Read More...
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Loading Emonitor 3.60.44 into Windows 10

I am assuming I need to use Rockwell FactoryTalk Activation to get this up and running. Emonitor loaded and runs fine with the demo data. The problem is FactoryTalk requires several other softwares loaded to run. Anyone else out there that has already been through this procedure? Regards, Ron BrookRead More...
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Spectral Analysis of Double-Row Antifriction Bearings

Messrs. Forum: Good morning, I'm looking for the article: "Springer. C. W.: "Spectral Analysis of Double-Row Antifriction Bearings"; Vibrations, Volume 4, No. 1; March, 1988; Pages 16 - 17" on the Internet but I can't find it, please I will be extremely grateful if you had this article? please share it. Greetings and success.Read More...
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Is there a way to separate the vibration values of the envelope from one bearing with respect to another?

Messrs. Forum: Good afternoon. Is there a way to separate the vibration values of the envelope from one bearing with respect to another? I do the consultation, because they have monitored the bearings of a pump and reported that the two bearings of the pump were in poor condition and that even the bearings of the electric motor were in poor condition; however, only the bearing (coupling side) of the Pump was changed and all envelope values of both the electric motor bearings and the bearing...Read More...
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Hi all, we had issue with sleeve bearing failure, the issue began with high temperature until the babbitt failed, we suspect the oil ring is very heavy. Please, Can you share experience in this kind of problem.. *how can we know if the oil ring was bad selected? *diameter of shaft is 2,6 inch, rpm= 3600Read More...
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Business Analyst Classes

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Business analysis has arisen as a central business practice in the 21st century. As the fundamental connection between an association's IT capacities and its business goals and objectives, talented business analysts contribute to the productivity of organizations enormous and little, in almost every incorporation. Business analyst training can assist you with taking advantage of lucky breaks introduced by a quickly evolving commercial center, by setting you up with the aptitudes present-day...Read More...

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