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Lube oil analysis

During the overhaul of the Gas turbine the whole lube oil needs to be replaced .How ever we are short of lube oil and plan to use some expired lube oil along with good one. I would like to hear what is the risk in using expired oil? Can it be used after doing lube oil analysis? what type of analysis is required?Read More...
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Mechanical seal failure

We are facing multiple seal failures (NDE side seal) in one of our multistage NGL pump . When opened the seal we found water, some black paste, one of the shaft O ring disintegrated, other O rings elongated etc after only 6 month in service. The seal is from Flexibox with API plan 53C . The O ring is Viton and supplied by OEM. The symptoms begins with loosing the barrier seal which required frequent top up. We suspect pump product is entering inside seal due to O ring issue and causing...Read More...
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Communication Failure of CSI 2120 and AMS

AMS 5.1 does not recognize CSI 2120, I have checked port, IRQ, transfer info and nothing works. I think I solved this problem years ago but I am old now and have forgotten. I used the same 2120 6 months ago and it worked fine. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, TalmadgeRead More...
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Dear Members , We have two Identical Boiler D.M.Water Pumps in one of our customer plant ,Theirs Bearings failure happening repeatedly , SULZER 80*65-200 Model Pump 6 impeller vanes ,EN -8 Shaft Material . Pump bearings no 6306 zz , Please refer below shared data & share Your opinions .Read More...
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Colors of Alarms of ISO 18436-3

Mrs. Forum: Good morning, in the company where I work, a third party service has been contracted for the monitoring of vibrational analysis and in their vibration reports they are presenting the classification of the colors of the alarms according to the attached document, that is, they have placed the yellow area as "ALERT" and the orange one as "ALARM". They were asked why, have they placed "ALERT" in the yellow area and "ALARM" in the orange area? and they responded "that the yellow zone...Read More...
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52 weeks map template for availability forescatings

Hi, I do not know if it is the right forum but I am looking for the process of availability forecasting for mining equipment ? An article said For operational availability Ao = (CH-MH)/CH where CH (calendar hours) is the total time and MH (maintenance hours) is time in hours in which the equipment is in maintenance. The maintenance hours can be viewed as Hours of corrective maintenance (HCM) and Hours of non-corrective maintenance (HNCM). A common practice in maintenance management is to...Read More...