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Seal selection for new pump

Jaskamal Singh
hi, we are buying a new centrifugal pump for lubricity improver operation ( refer attached MSDS for working fluid), i need to know what seal arrangement to be opt and which seal plan( single or double), if double either buffer or barrier plan to be used. pump operation details as below: pumping temperature: 40degC suction pressure: max 0.63 and rated -0.03 kg/cm2g diff head : 22.10 m diff pressure 2.06 kg/cm2 flow : normal 15 / rated 18 m3/hr vapour pressure : 0.14Read More...

Stronger vertical than horizontal NDE side and the opposite DE side.

Hi. What could be possible, general reasons that there is much larger vertical vibration than horizontal NDE side of a machine, and much larger horizontal vibration than vertical DE side? Ratios are about 3-4/1. And what if there is opposite of this situation? (stronger horizontal NDE and vertical DE)? I experience this pattern on two sets of machines (motor +fan). They are driven via belt transmission. One set (motor + fan) is experiencing the first way, and second set of machines is...Read More...
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Suspected bearing defect and abnormal sound

Dear all, I’m monitoring a 1.2MW submerged cooling water pump in a Powerplant. This pump was being monitored regularly due to suspected bearing defect (~78Hz, ~60Hz peaks and harmonics in envelope spectrum aligns with BPFI and BPFO for 6036M bearing). There are no obvious in increase in vibration trends since Jan. I have however, started to notice an abnormal sound from the bearing housing since late April (bit like a chain block sound). The guide bearing was inspected during a stoppage and...Read More...
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Balance work

Is there anybody in Jubail Saudi Arabia or someone nearby doing vibration / balance work? Need to balance / check balance 2 to 4 pieces of rotating inspection equipment in pipe mill. Rotating inspection equipment (Truscope) will be torn down and rebuilt, new bearings, water ring ect. and will need to be balanced once work is completed. I believe the work is happening in June 2019, i can put you in contact with the Person overseeing / doing the rebuild work.Read More...
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Bearing Temperature Trip and Time Delay Hello members, I'd like to hear from you about your protection philosophy of critical machinery on bearing temperatures. Do you use bearing temperatures as an ESD input to automatically shutdown your machines? If yes, does the temperature protection logic involve any time delay? If yes, how much is it? At the place where I work, currently we use bearing temperatures as shutdown points with 0 seconds time delay and considering relaxing this a bit.Read More...
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Generating Report of Overall Values in Omnitrend

Dear All, We recently switched from CSI to Pruftechnik and we had been using abbreviated measurement summary of CSI to generate report of all overall values of an area or complete database (screenshot of such report is attached). This helped us to scan briefly status of all equipment. How can we generate such report in Omnitrend?Read More...
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high vibration of planetary gear box

dear all i face to high vibration at low frequency of planetary ring gear .this gear monitor by two proximity sensor by on line monitoring . frequency rang of on line monitoring system set (10-10k) HZ.at this frequency rang overall vibration is low and accept.but when i measure bu portable vibration analyzer with range of frequency set (0-10k)HZ, I find 6 hz with high amplitude vibration that increase overall vibration to trip .input speed of gearbox is 3000 rpm and out put set to 8000 rpm,...Read More...
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