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How to determine eccentricity in a fan of a cooling tower where there is no access to the fan?

Goodnight: We have a Fan of a Cooling Tower where there is no access to place the transducer in the fan area, I will appreciate your help on the following query: Is it possible to determine if there is eccentricity in the fan by placing the transducer in the electric motor or performing a phase analysis by placing the transducers in the electric motor? Attached Cooling Tower Fan scheme. I will appreciate your support in this regard. Best regards.Read More...
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Dear experts, We have a cooling towers in our customer site. From last few days we noticed that there is a overall RMS Vibration fluctuation (About 3 mm/sec to 12 mm/sec ) at motor DE & NDE only in Horizontal direction, remaining directions are stable and normal i.e around 2 mm/sec. Below i am providing details for your reference. Can any one share your opinions for this problem. Motor: 37 KW Motor RPM: 1470 The cooling tower fan arrangement looks like thisRead More...
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Continuous change in vibration, phase and thrust at Syngas Compressor

Dear All, Good Day! We are operating a Synthesis gas compressor driven by a steam turbine at our Ammonia Plant. Refer attachment no. 1 for details of compressor. Compressor was started in February, 2018 after overhauling of IPC and HPC. After start-up, gradual increase in thrust of LPC was observed. From Feb 2018 to July, 2018 thrust at LPC increased from ~5.5 mils to ~8.3 mils and is still gradually increasing. On June 26, slight leakage was observed from flange of HPC barrel and since then...Read More...
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CSI 2130 USB connection Error

Dear Fellas, After successful installation of MHM 5.3 version on OS xp service pack 3, i'm facing these problems. 1. Analyzer connection to software is not occurring, it says windows miss 2130 USB software, See from windows device manager option. Also it is not updating by default windows windows self updating. 2. Added RBM files says it is read only, and not editable from TREE STRUCTURE or from RBM wizard. kindly give me your expert opinions on this topic.Read More...
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Loss of a great man

John from PA
Bob Eisenmann, Sr. passed away on 02 July after a battle with cancer. Many of you may have experienced his training and some may have purchased the book Machinery Malfunction Diagnosis and Correction Vibration Analysis and Troubleshooting for the Process Industries which he coauthored with his son.Read More...
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