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Dynamic Vibration Absorber

Kishore kumar
Dear Analysts , Does any one of you ever installed dynamic Vibration absorber to minimize the vibration ? if so how did you made or select .Please Share your experience and refer the below link . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpqvkvgdeFs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsdpbL0LtVIRead More...
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What will be the normal shaft centreline movement for Overhung Rotor supported by tilting pad bearings? Particularly with reference to a light overhung rotor, like Power Turbine Shaft in twin-shaft gas turbine driving heavier centrifugal compressor rotor. I have attached shaft centreline movements for 2 different set of machines. In one case, power turbine is driving LP and HP rotors. In another case, Power turbine is driving only 1 HP Rotor.Read More...
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Phase analysis motor in vacuum

Messrs. Forum, good day, thank you for your support in terms of the diagnosis of phases made to an electric motor in vacuum (uncoupled from the pump that drives) which has been diagnosed imbalance in the rotor of the engine when it was in operation coupled to the bomb. According to what has been seen, there is no imbalance (phases of the vacuum motor uncoupled from the pump): - Horizontal Phasing Difference = 111 ° There is no static or coupe imbalance. - Vertical Pitch Difference = 123 °...Read More...
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High 1x Throughout Motor and Gearbox

Hello, Relatively new to vibration analysis and have been following this forum for a few months. Thanks in advance for all the great information I've gotten just from reading here. At my facility we have a screw conveyor that is critical to our operation. It has been a problem child for years before I ever joined the company. Both the motor and gearbox were upgraded about 2 years ago to combat quarterly monthly motor failures. However, we are still having issues that appear only 1 to 3...Read More...
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