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Water/Wastewater Maintenance

One of my colleagues teaches several courses related to the treatment of water through a local community college. One of those course is Maintenance of Water/Wastewater equipment. The book that has been used for years is; "Hands on Water/Wastewater Equipment Maintenance" by Don Renner. Unfortunately, this book is very dated. There are two volumes, with the most recent edition published in 2000. So, they are still relying on an almost 20 year old textbook. Additionally, the book is not sold...Read More...


Hi Experts, We are observing high frequency vibration in the steam turbine at 69,938 cpm. This individual frequency is dominant with amplitude of 5 mm/sec RMS. The same frequency is observed in hor, ver, axial directions. Rated speed: 1500 RPM. MFR : Dresser Rand, turbine directly coupled to fan. For vibration measurement we are using SKF microlog and accelerometer with magnet base mounting. Fan vibration is normal and no presence of 69,938 cpm. New equipment , we don't have previous...Read More...
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Regarding replacement of ynthetic oil with mineral oil

We are using Fyrquel L synthetic oil in one of our turbine. Due to frequent degradation and extremely high cost of the oil, we are planning to replace the oil with equivalent viscosity grade and propertires. what are th things to be considered before making any such decision?Read More...
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High vibration caused by Wind Force?

Hi All, Please explain or share if you have any articles regarding the wind force affect the Fin fan coolers. We have huge number of Fin fan coolers in our LNG plant. Some of the Fans particularly making lot of troubles and We suspect the wind force is the cause for this high vibration. Data: The Maximum Wind velocity is 40 m/s. We have both Induced and forced draught Air coolers (Fin fans). But Forced draught fan has the history of more high vibration and broken blade history. It is onshore...Read More...
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Spectrum of Doubtful Acceleration

Messrs. Forum: Good evening, I would appreciate absolving the following query: The company that performs vibration monitoring has monitored the vibration of a speed reducer in the output shaft bearing, the output speed is 5.29 RPM; for this they have used the accelerometer SKF CMSS 2200 and they have reported the acceleration spectrum that is attached, my question is: is it correct the spectrum they have reported, because according to the Typical Frequency Response Curve of the...Read More...
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Accelerometers sensors

Ronald Turken
Hello everybody, Within our company there is a discussion about which brand of accelerometer sensor gives the best results taking the vibration measurements I am talking about a 100mV/g sensor. is it Wilcoxon? is it IMI? is it Hansford? is it CTC? or any other brand I know about the frequentie range and sensitivity. Witch brand are you using and why are you using that brand. Please tell me why you think your sensor brand you using is the best for the job. for myself, i am using a IMI sensor...Read More...
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