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Please review the vibration data and comment. Vibration on 28x to 43x in Spectrum. Driver :- Motor Load :- 22 kw RPM:- 2950 Driver:- Single stage centrifugal Pump Service:- Oil/Condensate Before Maintenance Vibration Data MOH=Motor Outboard Horizontal 2.377 mm/Sec MOP=Motor Outboard Horz Peakvue .764 G-s MOV=Motor Outboard Vertical 2.888 mm/Sec MOA=Motor Outboard Axial 5.191 mm/Sec MIH=Motor Inboard Horizontal 4.353 mm/Sec MIV=Motor Inboard Vertical 7.835 mm/Sec MIA=Motor Inboard Axial 3.246...Read More...
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Omnitrend - The Route Is Not On This Device

Good Morning Everyone, One of my customers is having trouble uploading routes from a VibXpert EX to Omnitrend. They were using a loan unit temporarily and had all the routes downloaded to that device. Upon receiving their VibXpert back they sent us back the loan unit and left the routes on it. When they try and upload their routes from their own unit now they are getting the error message "The route cannot be found on this device" Has anyone else encountered this problem before? Any...Read More...

MescopeVES V5.1

Dear Experts i have MEscopeVes 5.1 ,i made a structure related to some equipment to animate it using magnitude and phase from a roving sensor with reference to a fixed sensor and manually entry as i dont have the ods module on my analyzer. how should i make the data block and animation equation can anyone help ? Regards'Read More...

Preventive Maintenance Software

As you know we provide CMMS Software for small to large business, we have been getting lots of request from users to add preventive maintenance software module as add on and that's the only module they are more keen to use rather than general daily work order module. As a survey I would like to know how many of you are using PM maintenance on day to day bases?Read More...

BCU vs ECU Spectrum

Hello, I have a Bruel Kjaer vibrotest 80 portable analyzer. I would like to collect enveloping for bearing monitoring and see there are two options, eBCS (BCU) spectrum and eSED (ECU) spectrum. The spectrums obtained are different, in the BCU spectrum I got that looks to me impacting harmonics yet in ECU I did not get that. Can please help me understand ThanksRead More...
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Dear Master, I have some problem recently with demineralized pump. This pump shaft suddenly broken when weekly changeover schedule start (16 March 2019). This Pump have good vibration result (no alarm point). and running good after i do shaft alignment at 28 February 2019. Anyone have experience with shaft fracture analysis? What is the possibility problem happen causing shaft broken? Here is the Pump Spec : Centrifugal Pump Brand : Dalian Songlone Pump Q = 40 m3/h H = 50 m Speed = 2930 RPM...Read More...
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1250 Hp. Reliance motor oscillating while running

Hello all, I have 3-1250 Hp. Reliance drive motors on an overland conveyor. One of the motors seems to be oscillating when running, this is creating noise in the gear train due to the oscillations. I have strobed the H/S coupling at 1800 RPM and it appears the motor is trying to stop. When you look at the attached video you can hear the gearmesh noise when the coupling drops down. I have strobed the other 2 motors and you can see the same thing with the coupling and slightly hear some...Read More...
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Spindle Frequency?

I bought and installed a new 2hp water-cooled spindle with an inverter to run it. Inverter is https://www.valinonline.com/products/esv152n02yxb . Now, whenever I switch the spindle on it triggers my limit switches (in Mach3) and I can only reset it when the spindle is not running. Would adding a line reactor to the inverter help? Spindle and limit switch wiring is all shielded and properly grounded. Limit switches are configured as normally closed. I’m virtually at a standstill. Any help?Read More...
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