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I believe in the version of software you are using, you will need to go to vibration analysis tab, select dbase, right click, select...

Reply by PolderPloer

I think you only made the machines in database setup. But after that to put the machines on the datacollector, you have to create a...

Reply by BONI 2

The Database is newly created with only 2 machines under A1 area just for bench testing. First time to work in AMS after the purchase.

Reply by rgf12

Has there been changes to the tree structure or individual machines? Did you update the route? If you review the route all the machines...

Reply by Nagaraja

As William suggested possible of resonance. How old is this fan, any overhauling carried out recently. Is it a VFD drive. . ??.if yes...

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Let's review your findings and the suggestions so far, and look at their implications. 0) The fan is a large between bearings fan,...

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hey vishal, If im not mistaken, bearing used in a Preheater ID fan is the self aligning roller bearings, I think we will go to the...

Reply by Dave Reynolds

Suggest you call technical support Did you install with administrator rights? Did you go to data transfer and select the correct data...

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Never had the honour to meet the man but by just reading his book identified just how much knowledge and work experience Bob had. RIP

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this is a nice reply, I was thinking this might be the erratic vibration. looseness can give you 1x and erratic phase measurements,...

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Steven, Here we collect data every month on our machines. You definitely have a defect on the bearing. Judging by the pattern I suspect...