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Just based on the ISO designation, the SKF 61952MA is "equivalent". The frequencies for the 61952MA are attached. They were obtained...
John from PA

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does it necessary to delete old route on the software and instrument before uploading new route in software ?

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Dear member , Please check your data units in Vibration instrument and in reporting software .Both Units should be same .
Kishore kumar

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dear all i am facing to some problem by vibrotest 80 analyzer. when i use off route endearment all date is real (compare to another...

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I have checked the bearing, Found too much clearances and we adjusted to 0.06mm on sleeve from 0.21mm. Bearing temperature is now 71 ...
Garry Kristen

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Hi FBURGOS! Sorry , the term” manually “ should be altered by” schedule” .

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Thats a hard one, but I belive you're reading about modulation. is it ok to post links? check out this video. ...

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what do you mean by "calibrated manually" I never have problems over 9 years with it, but I used to calibrate the device on time every 2...

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and 1 more question : Mixing frequency . When 2 frequencies are present + 1 cause + effect relationship is absent -> The Hight...

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overall , i used the vibroport 60 and seem it is perfect even it is quite old .for my point of view Bruel Kjaer is a famous company .

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well every office is different I think the the america office (Schenck ) was better in the sales deparment

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Thank you for your reply FBURGOS. My experience in Spain was terrible, I was begging them for a simple quote. I choose another brand!

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The link directs the clicker to: The site sells packages for CMRP at $800 and...