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Blue matching done. Contact area is close to 80-85%. The only way is to provide additional rigidity or stiffness to shift the natural...

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Using "Adash" as the search term results in the following:;queryString=adash
John from PA

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Neat report. I would recommend to do impact tests to determine the natural frequencies. This information helps to see how much your...

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It looks like all the peaks are 1x, there is a raised noise floor which can indicate looseness. Bearing frequencies will not be a whole...

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Here my 10 cents I like to keep it simple, but unique for no mistakes. simple to be understood for any one in the floor to properly fill...

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Benjamin, Thank you very much for your answer. What do you think of the spectrum and waveform attached in the image?... belongs to a...

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acidity/basicity - for chlorinated refrigerants like Freon or R-22, we recommend running a test for Total Acid Number (TAN). For...

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