What Is a Lubrication Storage Room (Lube Room) and Why Is It Important? [Machinery Lubrication Framework]

Ensuring clean, dry and compatible lubes may be one small step for man, but it is a huge step for Reliability. How an organization receives, stores, dispenses and disposes of lubricants will create the solid (Reliability Leadership) or shakely (Not) foundation for the Reliability journey. New oil is 32 time dirtier than you want to add to asset lubrication systems. Filtering, storage, dispensing, disposal practices support your journey to the precision domain.

WIRAM and Advocates are pleased to announce The 2020 Series / WIRAM Going Virtual.

Join us, May 20 3 pm ET Topic : Navigating a new normal while maintaining community and positivity with Michele Atkins COVID-19 has brought about drastic societal changes impacting each and every one of our lives, bringing up challenges we’ve never faced before. Whether you are navigating this new normal without employment, with uncertainty about the future existence of your job, with a second career now as a homeschool teacher, or are challenged by new capacity demands… we can all benefit...

After the Virus: A Special Discussion on What’s Next for the Future of Work

Join this Informative Discovery Tour with Reliability Expert and Guru Terrence OHanlon as he joins special guest Ben Pring After the Virus: A Special Discussion on What’s Next for the Future of Work After the coronavirus, the world will be quite different. Questions abound: Will we ever go back to our old offices? Will we ever sit on a plane next to a stranger for six hours again? Will robots and AI be more popular or less so? Answers may take a while to emerge. In the meantime, we’ll...

Discovery Tour – AI and Machine Learning Tuesday April 28! 

“Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Are The Most Significant Elements of our time for the Future of Reliability and Asset Management” – Terrence O’Hanlon To achieve reliability and advance asset management requires clear objectives, guidance and an effective framework so people have the “formula” to make the best decisions in their operating domain. It’s all about visibility to data, gaining insights to make timely and accurate decisions to achieve Reliability at the lowest cost...

The Unexpected Plant Shutdown Safety Checklist

Originally posted at Plant shutdown is an example of non-routine activities and one of the most dangerous operation periods for a chemical plant. The bad news is that, as reported by , around 70% of the major accidents occur during non-routine operations. Because of this risk, you have to focus on safety during plant shutdown more than during normal plant operation. Especially, when you face unexpected shutdown. Take more care...

The Digital Revolution: Are You Ready?

Let’s take a quick look into the fundamentals of a world class reliability organization to see if you have the right methodologies, programs, and technology in place to move to Industry 4.0 or the Industrial Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics, and building digital twins.