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Nature Inspired Lessons for Leaders with @Dr. Kathleen Allen

Women in Reliability and Asset Management , WIRAM going Virtual, Invites you to participate on January 19, 3pm ET on the following topic: Nature Inspired Lessons for Leaders with @Dr. Kathleen Allen Nature’s design is a wonderful mentor for people leading dynamic, complex organizations. During this session Dr. Kathleen Allen will explore the basic concepts of living systems and regenerative business practices, and their implications for how we lead our teams, projects, and organizations.

Creating Your 2021 Vision to Thrive! with Cherise Myers, Myers Management & Leadership Consulting

The year of 2020 will go down in our history books as a year of change! Believe it or not - some people experienced amazing success in business and in life this year. As a leader, you have the power to create a path and chart the journey for your team and your family (despite the challenges). We would like to introduce you to...the VISION 2021 TOOL KIT! If you'd like to learn more about the VISION 2021 TOOL KIT and how you can use it as a resource to thrive...join us! Register here : ...

Association of Asset Management Professionals launches new 'How to' training on Essential Elements for CMMS Optimisation

The new training focusses on the essential elements for the CMMS optimization by bringing together 30+ years of the industry experience of John Reeve, who is the trainer for the course. During this course, companies will learn how to upgrade to advanced processes that can generate maximum Return On Investment / Return On Assets. The aim of the course is to fill the gap experienced by users who have gone through CMMS implementation and wonder where the benefit is. This course encompasses the...

Doctor Ronald Eshleman

I just received the sad news about a highly respected professional Doctor Ronald Eshleman. I met him at the first conference I attended 7 years ago. A great human being. I will never forget your kindness. Prayers and Rest In Peace. 🙏

CMM: MRO Inventory and Purchasing Performance Indicators

Source: Strategic Maintenance Management Series Inactive Stock Showing No Movement in the Last Twelve Months This indicator is used to find spare parts that are no longer needed. These items may have been purchased as spare parts for equipment that is no longer in the plant. Occasionally, items are purchased in large quantities on a one-time basis, possibly for construction or a project, but were not used and have no further ue at the plant or facility. Eliminating these items reduces...