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Association of Asset Management Professionals launches new 'How to' training on Essential Elements for CMMS Optimisation

The new training focusses on the essential elements for the CMMS optimization by bringing together 30+ years of the industry experience of John Reeve, who is the trainer for the course. During this course, companies will learn how to upgrade to advanced processes that can generate maximum Return On Investment / Return On Assets.
The aim of the course is to fill the gap experienced by users who have gone through CMMS implementation and wonder where the benefit is. This course encompasses the software along with the surrounding process and procedure. Additionally, it discussed the ideal organisation as required to advance asset management.
The course covers the CMMS Architecture within asset management and then is divided into 10 modules and is organised for 1 company at a time so that the instructor can dive into challenges that the company faces and help address them. At the end of each module, the participants work with creating a roadmap using a long-range plan. Some of the modules are about Managing Backlogs and & Work Order ranking, CMMS Utilisation and Data Quality Plan, Strategic Asset Management Planning (SAMP), Strategic roles for the ideal organisation and others. The detailed overview of the training can be found here.
John Reeve was the second consultant hired by the company that invented Maximo. He has over 30+ years worked in aerospace, defence, nuclear plant construction and operation amongst others. John has also submitted a US patent in maintenance scheduling for an ''order of fire'' design. His combined knowledge in project management and asset management makes him unique in the consulting field. He has created an indexed list of over 150 URLS to asset management leading practises as well as authored two books- Demanding Excellence from your Asset Management Systems and Failure Modes to Failure Codes.
This is a unique course on this topic and will be delivered to one company at a time with approximately 4-12 participants to keep it interactive and focussed. Each module can be covered either in 1 Day or 2 x half days and is best suited for asset managers, maintenance managers and supervisors, reliability and maintenance engineers, material/ inventory managers, planning/schedulers and CMMS administrators.
For information to schedule your company training, contact AMP at

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