Creating Intentional Reliability Leadership Cultures


Attention to Reliability Leadership Culture is the key to success.

An engaged and empowered, cross-functional, Reliability Leadership culture will make or break any Reliability strategy, change effort, or asset performance and digitalization and transformation effort. Most leaders underestimate the risk of getting culture wrong.


Instead, they focus habitually on the measurable, controllable, technical expert side — they manage the business. They follow worn out cliches like - "you cannot manage what you cannot measure". 

Reliability is everyone's responsibility. To succeed in the long run, organizations need to build toward cultures of greater cross functional collaboration. Interdependent cultures characterized by collaborative and shared leadership are needed to respond to complex, shifting environments.


We invite you to learn what 30,000+ Reliability Leaders already know.

When you take a stand for Reliability, it does not have to be based on your boss, on your co-worker, on your supply chain or on what another department does. It does not have be based on anything other than your word, which happens to be a very powerful force. When JFK took a stand to land a man on the moon AND safely bring him back to earth, the metallurgy did not exist to reenter the earth's atmosphere - so there was no basis in logic or evidence for his stand.


When Gandhi took a stand for the independence of India, it must have seemed crazy that small framed man under 100 pounds who was not proposing violent revolution, simply sitting peacefully to retake a country, would prevail. There was no evidence or logic or argument that possibly support his position. Vision and stand does not require evidence to support it. It operates in a different domain.


Of course there is more to it than that but that enough to begin to get your mind around the idea that this is NOT a recipe or formula like 5 Pillars that many try to compare my work to. This is not a landscape or an anatomy. 

Ours is a is a flexible cultural framework that fits and aligns to any business context. It shifts as the business and the world around it shifts. It is also in use by hundreds of organizations, some formally trained, others self taught.

These are not Reliability Leadership traits or rules that make good posters but don't stand up once the class ends and the real world begins.

This is Reliability Leadership.

It is where my work and focus has taken me for the past 20 years and although I have great respect for my technical friends and colleagues in the professional community, any who have devoted a similar amount of time, study and effort to this focus are unknown to me. I spend almost all my time standing in the inquiries and getting at the heart of the matter around what it is to be a Reliability Leader and what actions are effective Reliability Leadership.


I invite you join me in taking a stand for Reliability Leadership. There is nothing required - not prerequisite - no conditions.

From that stand - there is much we can accomplish in collaboration and synergy.

I also invite you to join my LinkedIn group so that we can learn from each other - all the ways we can bring Reliability Leadership to action.

It would be a honor to discover opportunities to advance reliability and asset management with you and your organization.

I am grateful,

Terrence O'Hanlon 


Reliability Leader

Transformational Experience Designer

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Keep a mild groove on,

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