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We have a CT made by 22 cells, separated in 2 Blocks. Last day one of them vibration increased motor all directions because of HH vibration on the Motor side (the limit is set to 9mm/s). I checked the spectrum and I found a β€œstrange” frequency that I have never seen on these fans (around 34 order dominated peaks ). The behavior was confirmed by the EMERSON CSI 2130 instrument.

The speed of the motor is 1485 rpm

I suspected some looseness so I inspected to make an inspection, looking for some ( Motor and coupling side noise I found ). Iam did not find any. At the moment the vibration levels are still high (about 9mm/s), especially compared with the others (2.6-3.2 mm/s).

These fans are really sensitives to many factors (wind, structure, any other equipment nearby, etc.) that’s why I put the fan under monitor even if the overall values are  so alarming.

Has anybody ever had similar problems? Could you suggest me to do some additional checks?


I am not a certified and qualified person as some of you, so I hope to get some good suggestions.


Thank you in advance.



Srikanth Cherry 

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