Video: On-condition Lubrication and Bearing Health Using Ultrasound


IMC-2016 - 40:13
by Tom Murphy, SDT Ultrasound Solutions

On-condition Lubrication and Bearing Health Using Ultrasound from on Vimeo.

The measurement of ultrasound with portable devices to provide an objective assessment of the health of a bearing has been well-documented over the last decade. In more recent times, the interconnection between a grease gun and an ultrasound instrument has taken this process one stage further.

This presentation reports on a further evolution - the use of an on-line monitoring system using contact ultrasound sensors to provide a continuous indication of the frictional state and early failure state of rolling element bearings.Case histories showing how this technology can be combined with remote lubrication of difficult-access bearings to provide instant feedback on the benefit or otherwise of individual shots of grease.

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