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CMM: MRO Inventory and Purchasing Performance Indicators

Source: Strategic Maintenance Management Series Inactive Stock Showing No Movement in the Last Twelve Months This indicator is used to find spare parts that are no longer needed. These items may have been purchased as spare parts for equipment that is no longer in the plant. Occasionally, items are purchased in large quantities on a one-time basis, possibly for construction or a project, but were not used and have no further ue at the plant or facility. Eliminating these items reduces...

Asset Condition Management Project Manager's Guide

This is a resource no organization should be without! The Asset Condition Monitoring (ACM) Project Manager’s Guide provides basic information about what an ACM initiative or organizational component is, how it should be conducted and who should be involved. The material is presented to help an organization determine if it is ready to undertake ACM. The guide also identifies ideas and practices an organization must embrace or improve and notes pitfalls to avoid in order to enhance its chance...

The 2020 Series WIRAM Going Virtual!

Join US Wednesday, July 22nd at 3:00 pm (ET) Leadership in the New Normal with Kathy Miller Perkins,Psychologist and CEO of Miller Consultants Our world is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Our new realities are disorienting. And no matter what transpires over the next weeks and months, the future is unlikely to resemble the past we knew just a short time ago. We are moving towards a new normal. And no one knows exactly what it will look like. The good news is we have a chance to...

Lock Out Tag Out Infographic

OSHA's rules for the control of hazardous energy, or lockout tagout, reflect an important step in protecting workers from potentially deadly workplace accidents. In spite of this, failure to comply with these regulations appears on the agency's list of most frequently cited violations every year.

WIRAM Goes Virtual / Leadership for the New Normal

Kathy Miller Perkins is a psychologist and the CEO of Miller Consultants – a coaching and consulting company helping leaders excel by translating values into actions, and organizations thrive by embedding purpose into their cultures. She is the author of Leadership and Purpose: How to Create a Sustainable Culture, published by Routledge Press in 2020. She is a regular contributor to Leaders and Careers section. And she is the host of the podcast, Conscious Culture Café. Kathy...