Houston Reliability Leadership Road Map

Houston, Texas


World-Class organizations recognize that success is achieved through leadership. However, they also realize that results are only delivered through engagement and empowerment of everyone in the workforce.

Leadership does not come from one person - it comes from everyone. This is especially true for reliability.


These introductory, one-day events allow attendees to learn and engage with those who are on or about to begin a reliability journey.

Uptime Elements Reliability Framework and Asset Management Systems provides a common language and guideposts for a cross-functional journey. Join Dave Reiber, Senior Reliability Leader, former 20 year veteran and global predictive sciences leader for General Motors. Additional Reliability Partners™ contribute deep expertise for condition monitoring, ultrasound testing, asset management software, lubrication reliability, work execution and leadership for a full day of awareness, education and experience.

Seating limited to 50 seats for qualified attendees to permit discussion, questions and answer sessions, peer networking and the optional Certified Reliability Leader exam.

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