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Hammer Mill Vibrations

Raul Rios
Hello experts! I am examining a hammer mill which is coupled to an induction motor of 200 hp at 1785 rpm. The whole set is supported by anti-vibration joints to the structure of the building. In the spectra that I manage to collect, I see the following: 1.- The mill shows a severe imbalance with amplitude up to 21 mm / sec-rms which is transferred to the motor. 2.- I also see a misalignment between the couplings and corroborate it with the cross-phase measurement in the axial 180 ° out of...Read More...
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Kishore kumar
Dear Members , We have a Fume Hood Fan at our customer site running at 1488 r.p.m and coupled to its motor ,Fan static balance is good but it has 5 mm axial run out at its base plate face . As per the earlier data we have suggested to correct Structural looseness and Alignment , they said done and we tried to balance at site but the results are worst .Again it showing same problem .Here i have attached Balance report and spectrum ,Please share your analysis .Read More...
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Intermittent/transient Peakvue on paper machine press idler roll

Hi all, first time poster, long time reader. We recently commissioned an Emerson 6500 online system in conjunction with our new paper machine press section. I'm seeing some rather odd readings from one of our idler rolls. Specifically, 2PL9 Drive Side. Data in the attached document. Setup: SKF 22314E bearings Wilcoxon 787-500mV/g permanent axial mounted accelerometers PeakVue Parameters: Fmax 40 orders, 3200 lines, HP Filter 500Hz Tach Speed referenced from scaled 4-20mA DCS output of 2nd...Read More...
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