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We have a Gas Turbine Driven Compressor Train. Gas Turbine has dual shafts i.e. Gas Producer Rotor and Power Turbine Rotor. We are observing increase in vibration levels between startup cycles. APHT Plots indicate vibration levels of around 20 microns with phase angle of 150 Degrees for one start up cycle. After another startup, vibration levels increase to around 40 Microns with Phase angle of 220 Degrees. Phase angle changes from 150 deg to 220 deg and back. Orbit Plots are circular and...Read More...
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Kishore kumar
Dear Members , We have a CT fan at our customer site with high Vibration Problem ,We dont have provision to take vibration data on CT Fan Gear Box ,we do take Vibration data on Motor .Please Verify the below attached data and General arrangement of the equipment and share your opinions. Motor 37 K.W and Bearings D.E 6313 ,N.D.E 6213 C3 clearance running at 1475 R.P.M .Read More...
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