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2-Day CRL Prep Course

2-Day CRL Prep Course
Certified Reliability Leader


Certified Reliability Leader
2-Day Prep Course

Asset Management Professionals (AMP) is now offering an intense two-day online prep course for the Certified Reliability Leader Exam (CRL)!

The course will be held for 2 days with the exam being the day after the course ends

Registration is $1499USD and includes course and exam.
The Body of Knowledge book set is REQUIRED and must be purchase separately.
See information below on how to order your books.

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The 2-Day Certified Reliability Leader® (CRL) Course is a focused, intense preparatory program. It is designed to enhance your understanding of the reliability concepts contained within the Uptime® Elements and described in detail within the Body of Knowledge. The sole purpose of this course is to prepare you to take the CRL examination.

An experienced and highly qualified instructor will review, in detail, the thirty-six individual elements within the five domains.

The domains are:
  • Reliability Engineering for Maintenance (REM)
  • Asset Condition Management (ACM)
  • Work Execution Management (WEM)
  • Leadership for Reliability (LER)
  • Asset Management (AM)

At the end of each section there will be a review to focus in on the important points. Time will also be allotted for some student comments and questions. Following the course, a document on frequently asked questions will be provided. These answers to the questions raised will help you in your reliability journey after the completion of the course and examination.

Additional Important Information

After the course completion, the two-hour Certified Reliability Leader exam will be provided. Prior to the exam, a representative of Asset Management Professionals (AMP), the sponsor for this course, will share details and guidelines associated with taking the exam in a virtual format.

The Uptime Elements Body of Knowledge is sold separately from the course registration and is highly recommended reading prior to participation in the course. Pre-reading the material will help with a better understanding of the contents of the presentation. Together, the reading material and the 2-day course will support your effort to pass the CRL examination.

This course is different than the CRL Workshops offered by While the content of those programs does address the Uptime Elements on a limited basis, the format is focused more on the journey that individual students and their organizations take towards a cultural shift towards reliability.

Required Materials:

The Uptime Elements Body of Knowledge Book Set

The Complete Body of Knowledge includes: Uptime Elements Passports (5) and Dictionary, The Journey to Improved Business Performance, Don’t Just Fix It, Improve It! and (4) reliability and asset management posters. This set of books, along with all notes written on the actual pages of the books, is the only thing allowed to be referenced during the exam. You will want to devote some time each day to reading a few sections of the books.

Books sold separately $224.99USD: CLICK HERE

Suggested Materials:

The Uptime Elements Academy Online Learning Management System (LMS)

Learn anytime, anywhere and at your own pace with your choice of an
e-book or video tutorial. Simple assessments are provided after each module that will test your comprehension of the material (these are not comparable to examination questions.) After completing the LMS, you will have a solid foundation for going into the workshop. Your access will run through the end of the workshop.

Individual Subscription: $299USD and provides access for 90 days. Register for the Uptime Academy HERE.

*Note: all times are Eastern Time (ET) zone
The 2-Day Course
8:30am – 12:00pm Instructor-led session
12:00pm – 12:30pm Break
12:30pm – 5:00pm Instructor-led session
*Short breaks will also be provided throughout the day
Exam Following the Course
9:00am Certified Reliability Leader Exam
*Exam will go live at 9:00am EST and remain open for 24 hours to accommodate different time zones

2-Day CRL Prep Course and Exams

Date Event Register
November 10 – 11, 2020 CRL 2-Day Prep Course

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