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About CMM

About CMM

Certified Maintenance Manager


  • Do your accountabilities include the management of maintenance?

  • Do your skills include an in-depth understanding of all the aspects required to manage the five asset types?

  • Do you want to transition the way you think about asset management?

  • Do you want a clear understanding of how to align with operational expectations and attain the stability and control that is required to enable maintenance?

The Association of Asset Management Professionals (AMP) has developed the Certified Maintenance Manager™ (CMM) exam based on the Strategic Maintenance Management Series, with its foundation built on the Uptime® Elements and its reliability leadership system. The exam is designed to validate the competencies of a maintenance leader. These competencies include focusing on maintenance fundamentals, innovative reliability and management practices, and the knowledge required to optimize asset value through the use of strategies, processes, enablers and business needs of maintenance management.

This is a 2-hour timed, internet-based exam with 125 multiple-choice questions. A personal Wi-Fi enabled laptop or tablet will be needed to take the exam. Laptops are not provided.

Certified Maintenance Manager Workshop

The CMM Workshop is designed specifically to provide you with the competencies described above and is constructed of 18 modules aligned with the skills required to become a Certified Maintenance Manager. This course will alter the way you view maintenance management and suggest strategies that when combined with known systems, processes and tactics will unlock the true value of your assets.

You will be empowered to gain the stability and control required in order to progress to maximizing asset value.

Click here for CMM Workshop dates and more information.


Learn to Manage Five Asset Types:
1. Physical 2. Financial 3. Human
4. Intangible 5. Information/Knowledge

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Registration for CMM Workshop Includes:

The Uptime Elements Academy Online Learning Management System (LMS)

Learn anytime, anywhere and at your own pace with your choice of an
e-book or video tutorial. Simple assessments are provided after each module that will test your comprehension of the material (these are not comparable to examination questions.) After completing the LMS, you will have a solid foundation for going into the workshop. Your access will run through the end of the workshop.

Individual Subscription: $299USD and provides access for 90 days. Register for the Uptime Academy HERE.

The Strategic Maintenance Manager Body of Knowledge Book Set

The complete Body of Knowledge includes: Strategic Maintenance Manager Series (3 book set), 10 Rights of Asset Management, Failure Modes to Failure Codes and A Practical Guide to Organizational Engineering. These books are strategic publications that each target a specific aspect of managing the five asset types – physical, financial, information and knowledge, intangible and human.

To purchase these books separately: CLICK HERE.

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