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Mastery Belt Program

Mastery Belt Program

Mastery Belt Program

CRL Domain Mastery and Black Belt Program

Mastery Belt Ceremony
January 2021

CRL Mastery Belt

Program Overview

The CRL Domain Mastery Belt Program is a results-oriented acknowledgment of significant and successful holistic reliability improvement projects delivered on a consistent basis.

The requirements for earning a CRL Black Belt are to submit a minimum of five (5) approved CRL Mastery Belt project applications along with their fully executed affidavit and verification forms (available by request). A minimum of one (1) from each of the Uptime Elements knowledge domains listed below is required.

Uptime Elements Chart

CRL Domain Mastery Belt project applications and affidavit and verification forms must be submitted by an active Certified Reliability Leader for each knowledge domain attesting to the successful outcomes generated by the project. CRL Domain Mastery Belt project affidavit and verification forms must be signed by the following people in the applicant’s organization:

  • The Applicant who led the project
  • The Applicant’s Executive Sponsor
  • The Applicant’s Financial Verification Agent

CRL Domain Mastery Belt project affidavit and verification forms must also be signed by the following people independent of the applicant’s organization:

  • A designated AMP Subject Matter Expert (SME) will be assigned.
    *No fee will be charged for the approved RLI MSAT Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) verification.
Mastery Belt

Upon acceptance and approval, an appropriately embroidered Uptime Elements knowledge domain colored belt will be issued to recognize the completion of the project and continued progress made on the journey toward the CRL Domain Mastery Belt.

  • AM Yellow Belt – Asset Management
  • REM Orange Belt – Reliability Engineering for Maintenance
  • ACM Green Belt – Asset Condition Management
  • WEM Blue Belt – Work Execution Management
  • LER Red Belt – Leadership for Reliability

Once 5 Uptime Elements Knowledge Domain Mastery Belts have been earned and confirmed, the Certified Reliability Leader Black Belt will be issued at prescheduled ceremonies held at various locations and dates throughout the year. There is no additional cost for the CRL Black Belt once the 5 Uptime Element Knowledge Domain Mastery Belts have been earned and issued.

There is NO limit on the number of Uptime Element knowledge domain belts earned by an individual or organization.


Learn about becoming a Certified Reliability Leader and help us make the world a better place HERE.


To learn more about the Uptime Elements Framework, or to watch interviews with real life CRL Mastery Belts click the links below. (a lot of wisdom being shared in these videos):

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Frequently Asked Questions

Uptime Elements is a reliability framework for generating improved asset performance while amplifying a sustainable reliability culture based on integrity and leadership. The Certified Reliability Leader designation offered by the Association of Asset Management Professionals (AMP) demonstrates that you are confident and competent in expressing Uptime Elements - A Reliability Framework and Asset Management System.

CRL Domain Mastery Belt projects enable triple bottom-line outcomes of improving reliability and asset performance. You can earn an Uptime Elements Domain Mastery Belt by generating “significant” outcomes. Significant outcomes differ from organization to organization. Not every significant outcome translates to purely economic factors. Almost any project that generates change that supports people in a verified performance improvement trend toward reliability is “significant” in our opinion. Our suggestion is to discuss your CRL Domain Mastery Belt project with a subject matter expert (SME) assigned through AMP. For guidance and clarification, contact

Whether in mining, manufacturing, information technology (data warehousing), processing, utility, infrastructure or service industries, such projects quantify the positive effects of changes. The goal of each successful CRL Domain Mastery Belt Program is to generate significant improvements in reliability and asset performance. For example, over 3 years, multiple CRL Domain Mastery Belt projects with a defect elimination focus eliminated 54% of defects and 73% of defects over 6 years.

A CRL Domain Mastery Belt project is one that uses appropriate strategies and tactics from the Uptime Elements Reliability Framework approach to generate breakthrough performance created by a sustainable reliability culture and delivers a real triple bottom-line benefit aligned to organizational objectives.

Reliability tools tend to be generic and rarely generate sustainable business success on their own. It is the ability to engage and empower cross-functional teams of reliability leaders who work aligned to the AIM of the organization that distinguish a CRL Domain Mastery Belt Project from other improvement projects.

Economic impact, environmental impact and social/cultural impact as outcomes are also a requirement within a CRL Domain Mastery Belt project when compared to other “improvement” projects that focus solely on economic return on investment.

The CRL Domain Mastery Belt Program is a result-oriented recognition program, and projects are a requirement. If you have not completed the minimum five required CRL Domain Mastery Belt projects (one from each knowledge domain), you are not eligible to earn the CRL Black Belt.

The following examples are not all-inclusive, but will provide examples of acceptable and unacceptable CRL Domain Mastery Belt projects.

Examples of CRL Domain Mastery Belt projects that qualify:

  • Cross-Functional Defect Elimination Program
  • Competency-based Learning Program for Uptime Elements Reliability Framework
  • Ultrasonic Compressed Air and Steam Trap Leak Detection Energy Conservation Program
  • Precision Lubrication Lifecycle Management
  • PM Optimization Program
  • Internet of Things Asset Condition Monitoring Program
  • Drone-based Asset Condition Monitoring Program
  • Any reliability or asset performance project with measured before-and-after benefits

Projects that do not qualify:

  • Projects with no alignment to organizational objectives or AIM
  • Software implementations without detailed reliability improvement outcomes
  • Reliability or asset performance projects without measured before-and-after benefits that align to organizational objectives or AIM

Are you ready to join the Reliability revolution?

For further information or clarification about the CRL Domain Mastery & Black Belt Program, please feel free to contact us at: or call us at: (239) 533-9806.

Domain Mastery Belt Project Applications and Affidavit and Verification Forms

Project Application Form Affidavit and Verification Form