Certified Reliability Leader

Certified Reliability Leader

The Association of Asset Management Professionals (AMP) has developed an exam based on the Uptime® Elements and its Reliability Leadership system. Designed to create leaders who focus on delivering value to the triple bottom line of: Economic Prosperity, Environmental Sustainability, and Social Responsibility.


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Our CRL goal is to have 10,000 CRLs by 2020 and at least 1 in space.
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Why Should You Get Certified?

World-Class organizations recognize that success is achieved through leadership. However, they also realize that results are only delivered through engagement and empowerment of everyone in the workforce.

Leadership does not come from one person - it comes from everyone. This is especially true for reliability.

The Certified Reliability Leader is designed to deliver value to what we call the triple bottom line of:

  • Economic Prosperity
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Social Responsibility

The Reliability Leader Certification is based on the holistic system of Uptime Elements Revised Framework and the Body of Knowledge (BoK).

CRL is aimed at addressing the root causes of the high failure rate of technical implementations

There is a high rate of failure at the implementation level that can be fixed. According to research conducted by Reliabilityweb.com® and confirmed by numerous other sources – over 70% of change efforts and new strategies fail to create a sustained result. This is a paradox because the most effective strategies and techniques about maintenance reliability are well known and well documented. What is happening in the 30% of reliability initiatives that succeed?

That answer can be summed up in a single word: Leadership!


Uptime Elements

Uptime Elements provide a simple way to understand a holistic, system-based approach to embedding reliability into an organization’s practices and culture. By using a unified theory to explain the fundamental elements of reliability and how they relate to each other, Uptime Elements allow everyone to gain an understanding of reliability appropriate to the work they do.

Recertification Requirements

CRL credentials are valid for 3 years at which time recertification would be necessary.

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Become a Leader in Reliability

    • Road

    • 1-Day Training

      • 1-day overview of the Uptime Elements Reliability Framework

      • Reliability Partners™ contribute deep expertise

      • Optional CRL Exam

    • CRL

    • 4-Day Training

      • CRL Complete Body of Knowledge
        - $225 value

      • 4 days of detailed training

      • Free trial to the Uptime Elements Online Learning Management System
        - $299 value

      • Optional CRL Exam

    • Training

    • 2-Day Training

      • 2-day Certified Reliability Leader Workshop

      • Half day certificate workshops delivered by Reliability Partners™

      • Optional CRL Exam