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AMP Exam Dates

AMP Exam Dates

Exam Dates

The Association of Asset Management Professionals

Exam Dates

When choosing a date below please notice: You do not have to register for or attend a workshop, conference or event to sit for any of the exam options. However, if you choose to register for a workshop/exam co-located with a conference or event, please keep in mind that this does NOT register you as an event attendee, and you will not be able to attend any sessions, as these are full day workshops. However, breaks and lunches do coincide and you will be able to participate in evening social events. Please make sure you are registering for the correct workshop/event before completing registration.

All Exam fees are $299 usd.

Please Call (239) 533-9806 or email us if you have any questions about registration.

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CRL Virtual Online Exams

February 2, 2022 Online
April 13, 2022 Online
May 25, 2022 Online
June 29, 2022 Online
August 17, 2022 Online
October 5, 2022 Online
November 16, 2022 Online
December 14, 2022 Online

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CMM Virtual Online Exams

February 15, 2022 Online
April 5, 2022 Online
May 3, 2022 Online
June 14, 2022 Online
July 26, 2022 Online
August 16, 2022 Online
September 20, 2022 Online
October 11, 2022 Online
December 13, 2022 Online