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Recertification Requirements for CRL

Recertification Requirements for CRL

Association of Asset Management Professionals

Certification Renewal Information

It is the responsibility of each certificant to notify the Association of Asset Management Professionals (AMP) of changes to contact information, to be aware of the expiration date of their certification, and to know when to apply for recertification. AMP will make every effort to notify certificant starting 6 months prior to the expiration of their certification.


To earn recertification, you may either:

*Retake the CRL Exam - $299 exam fee CLICK HERE for dates.

*Participate in a minimum of thirty (30) contact hours (equivalent of 3 CEUs) of relevant skill development and/or training within the three (3) year certification period - $150 processing fee. Hours/Credits earned during one certification period do not carry over to the next certification period.

CRL Recertification Application

Approved Relevant Skill Development:
All activities must be relevant to the Body of Knowledge (BoK), developed by and used by the Association of Asset Management Professionals (AMP) including the following knowledge domains:

  1. Reliability Engineering for Maintenance
  2. Asset Condition Management
  3. Work Execution Management
  4. Leadership for Reliability
  5. Asset Management
  1. The thirty (30) contact hours (3 CEUs) of relevant skill development can be achieved by participating in any combination of items from the list of approved activities listed below.
    1. Complete Uptime Elements educational workshops, study classes, trainings, short courses, webinars and seminars (in-person or online)
    2. Attend approved conferences/events: The International Maintenance Conference (IMC), The RELIABILITY Conference (TRC), The Reliability Institute workshops/study classes (RLI), Solutions 2.0 virtual conference, MARCON, Reliable Plant, IAM events, SMRP events, MaRS events) Contact AMP to verify approval on any conferences/events not listed here.
    3. Give pre-approved presentation related to an Uptime Elements knowledge domain at a conference, seminar, workshop, company based event, etc. 30 hours allowed if AMP approved
    4. Publish pre-approved articles or papers related to an Uptime Elements knowledge domain in publications. 30 hours allowed if AMP approved
    5. Author a pre-approved book or significant chapter of a book related to an Uptime Elements knowledge domain. 30 hours allowed if AMP Approved
    6. Provide instruction for a pre-approved course/workshop related to an Uptime Elements knowledge domain. Multiply actual hours for development and delivery by 4
    7. Participate in the development of questions for the Certified Reliability Leader exam. 8 hours per question submitted
    8. Other activity or learning experience not listed here subject to AMP approval.
    9. Participate in the REVIEW of questions for the Certified Reliability Leader exam. Actual hours of review session (usually 3 hours to 6 hours)
  2. In addition to meeting the 30 contact hours (3 CEUs) of relevant skill development requirements, applicants will be required to pay a $150 non-refundable processing fee.
  3. All recertification claims are subject to audit. You may be asked to furnish additional documentation that supports your claim. Applicants may be asked to acknowledge participation at certain events with an official certificate of completion/attendance that indicates actual contact hours or CEU credit.

Application Process:
Starting 6 months prior to the expiration of current certification, applicants can submit an application for recertification along with the $150 non-refundable processing fee. Each application will be reviewed to determine whether the recertification requirements have been met. If further information is needed, the applicant will be contacted and they will be given 90 days from the date of request to submit the additional materials requested. If an applicant does not submit the items requested or resolve the item in question by the deadline, AMP will send a letter informing the applicant their certification has expired and their certification status will be terminated.

Auditing Process:
The recertification process is conducted on an honor system of reporting. To maintain the integrity of this program, AMP will randomly select applicants to be audited. The audit process requires applicant to further verify the claims that have been submitted for re-certification. If audited, applicants will be requested to submit additional documentation within 60 days. Failure to provide documentation will result in recertification being denied.

Once additional documentation is received, it will be reviewed. If it does not fulfill the requirement standards or is not received within the time frame specified, the applicant will be notified and provided a second opportunity with a 30 day deadline to comply.

Appeals Process:
An applicant who disagrees with a ruling regarding their recertification outcome may ask for a review. This request must take place within 30 days of the initial ruling and the request must be made in writing (email is acceptable) including the reasons for requesting the appeal - being sure to state the reason for the disagreement.

Extension Request:
An applicant may request an extension for extenuating circumstance. An extension may be granted for up to six months beyond the expiration date. The following information must be submitted before the expiration date in writing (email is acceptable):

  • A statement of extenuating circumstance
  • Number of recertification hours/credits to date
  • A detailed plan stating how requirements will be met by extension deadline

AMP reserves the right to modify or deny the extension.

If the extension is granted, the original expiration date is still valid. During the extension period the applicant is no longer certified and cannot claim to be nor use the credential. Once the recertification requirements have been fulfilled and recertification has been approved, the original expiration date will be reinstated and the certification will be valid for another three (3) year certification period.

Outcomes of Recertification Application:
APPROVED – When the application has been reviewed and determined all requirements have been met, it will be approved and a certificate will be issued for another three (3) year certification period. Certificates will be mailed within 30 days of approval.

DEFERRED – An application will be deferred when it has been chosen for audit. Applicants who are deferred will be given the opportunity to submit additional requested documentation.

DENIED – If an application has not met all of the requirements for recertification, the application will be denied and certification status will be terminated. In addition, if it is determined that an applicant has provided false or misleading information, AMP may begin disciplinary proceedings and the certificant may not be allowed to reapply or retake the exam.

CRL Recertification Application