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3309 A/C3 Bearing Premature Failure

Please check out attached bearing failure picture. Bearing failed within 200 Hours after replacement. 

Equipment: centrifugal pump(Flowserev CPX) for water service
Bearing: SKF 3309 C3(DE) and SKF 6309 C3(NDE)
Bearing Failed 3309 C3
Oil Lubricated Bearing VG 68
Running RPM: 900-1100  
Alignment was under range of 0.05mm
Previous bearing life was more than 10000 hours
what could be reason for this failure? Axial/Radial load, Dirt in oil, Bearing manufacturing defects ?

Brief answer is apprenticed


Note: Its double raw angular contact ball bearing with metal cage. (Cage removed while taking picture) IMG_20180818_104257Untitled


Images (2)
  • IMG_20180818_104257: Bearing SKF 3309 C3
  • Untitled: CPX
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