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Difference between FMEA and FMECA

The title already explains where this discussion is about: what is the real difference between performing FMEA and FMECA?

In the plant where I am working, the maintenance concept has to be reviewed. Until now lots of tasks have been generated by experience etc, but my purpose is to design an approach to structure the development of the maintenance concept.

I am currently researching the possibility of implementing an FMEA methodology. After hours of research on this topic, I still am not sure about the real difference between FMEA and FMECA. I hope someone can tell me more about his/her view on this topic or the knowledge you have about this.

Until now, google has been given me several views on FMEA and FMECA:
  • Most common statement: "FMECA is FMEA with a criticality analysis added. Right...
  • "FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) is a process used for analyzing the failure modes of a product. This information is then used to determine the impact each failure would have on the product, thereby leading to an improved product design. The analysis can go a step further by assigning a severity level to each of the failure modes in which case it would be called a FMECA (Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis)." source (As I read it: if you add a column called "severity level" to a standard FMEA sheet...tadaaah! FMECA approach was born.)
  • In this pptthere is mentioned that the criticality analysis can be quantitative or qualitative. As I have no accurate failure data, the only option is an qualitative approach. This means that I have to rate every failure mode with A till E and that's it? Impressive criticality 'analysis'!
  • Most websites show FMEA sheets, with an RPN approach added to FMEA. This does not make a FMECA approach, right? RPN means rating a failure mode by Severity, Occurrence and Detection.

    All this conflicting information does not really make it easy for me. I hope I made my problem clear and that someone can help me with this problem.
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