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Reply to "Difference between FMEA and FMECA"


Summarizing statements:
  • FMEA can apply an RPNumber, which consists of a probability, consequence and detection scale (all 0-10). This does not forms an FMECA.

  • The RPNumber can be applied to rate the status quo of a failure mode(what is the score when no maintenance is performed on this part) and to predict what the influence of the proposed (maintenance)action will be by rating the three aspects again.

  • FMECA is a method using a criticality rating formed by probability * consequence (both scale 0-10) to rate the 'criticality' of a failure mode.

  • Clearly, the criticality rating provides a more precise view on the criticality of a failure mode, because only the two most important factors are used for the failure mode rating.

    This means that if I only use the factors probability and consequence to make the 'criticality rating', I have an FMECA. And if I use an extra factor to rate a failure mode, named detection, I have an FMEA?

    Is this the only large difference?
    And which reasons do you know to use one of the two methods?
  • RM