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Reply to "Difference between FMEA and FMECA"

n the plant where I am working, the maintenance concept has to be reviewed. Until now lots of tasks have been generated by experience etc, but my purpose is to design an approach to structure the development of the maintenance concept.

Lets go back to your original question. If this is your goal, then I don't think either FMEA or FMECA are the answers. You need not use RCM because you have already got a maintenance program. I would suggest you use Planned Maintenance Optimization. This is a process that starts with your current maintenance program (formal or informal) rationalizes and reviews that, then fills in the gaps. Compared to RCM, FMEA or FMECA, it is like starting from the 80 yd line. You don't need to scrap your current program. Make it better.
you can find out about PM Optimization at or send me an email at
Also, be careful about PM Optimization programs. Some do not fill the gaps for you - It is important that you dont review your current program only - you must fill the gaps.
Regards Steve