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Reply to "Difference between FMEA and FMECA"

Vee - you have cut half the paragraph and then blast away. Please leave the whole paragraph because it sets the context.
Also on the subject of Criticality, despite intuitive reasoning supporting its importance, the intervals of condition based maintenance are primarily set by the PF interval (the rate of equipment deterioration) and hard time replacement is determined by safe life. Asset criticality is a second order consideration for evident failure modes

When we determine a task - for evident failure modes there are three options - CBM, Fixed Time Replacement or No Scheduled Maintenance.
The interval of condition monitoring is set by the PF curve primarily... end of story. If the condition monitoring task is not robust, then more inspection can improve the odds of finding a failure and the formula for this involves the consequence of failure which is why I say it is a second order consideration. The same applies in principle for Hard Time maintenance.