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Reply to "Difference between FMEA and FMECA"

Hello Parle,
I am a reliability engineer at a chemical facility in the UK.
We are using FMECA on existing plant and on newly designed plant.
The existing plant we carry out a high level criticality analysis and then a full RCM approach on the top 20% (ish) and a Maintenance Task Review on the remaining 80%. We are using a program called Isograph Availability Workbench to capture all our maintenance decisions on the plant items to help optimise the strategies based on minimising cost and safety risk.
On new design plant we carry out FMECA on all items.
I have used (indirectly) the PMO approach that Steve Turner continues to promote. It is well documented in this forum and others that Mr Turner does not like RCM or statistical methods for improving maintenance. There are many shortfalls in his claims on PMO. I have used FMEA/FMECA approaches for over ten years now with great success. I have also used it on systems that have already gone through PMO, so I am aware of its shortfalls and the criticisms of others who have used PMO.
I think the comments and advice received from Vee was useful information regards FMEA/FMECA for all readers of the forum.
Cheers Gary