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Excel Balancing File

During the winter months, I got a bit bored and started to create an Excel file to take care of most (fairly simple) balance jobs.
I wanted a "one-stop" app that I could use to take care of estimating TW size, determine approx. TW location, single-plane and two-plane balancing as well as a sheet to determine balance with the 4-run method (further, I did not want to limit myself to the standard 120 deg TW locations since you can't always get that in real world).  I also wanted to provide the user with an estimation of the balance quality.

Read the instructions at the top of each tab/sheet.

Please provide feedback from on how well it works and suggested edits. 

******  WARNING  *******
This app is a work in progress. I have tested most of the functions with my own past jobs and some jobs posted online. DO NOT USE THIS UNTIL YOU ARE SATISFIED ON ITS CAPABILITY......I ASSUME NO LIABILITY

Jim Powers


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