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Reply to "Excel Balancing File"

OK  folks     Here is the latest (hopefully last) revision

1. It fixes the bug with the Weight Splitting Sheet. It now references the proper user-input cells and adds more metric units in a few of the drop-down menus

2. It adds two new sheets, Basic Calculations and Severity Charts. I did not go into details on the Severity Charts. The user should be familiar with the contractual and technical requirements for your own balancing jobs.  I simply attached images for convenience, which I consider to be "fair use" of images normally found on the web

3. The latest file is macro-enabled which was needed to automate scaling for the 4-run balancing method.  Previous revisions required the user to manually adjust scaling of the X and Y axis parameters (i.e. min and max bounds) for some balancing examples. This can still be done but a macro was introduced to automate this process and ensure both the X and Y axis scales were identical. See the amplifying instructions on how to use.

Unless there are technical bugs to fix, I am done putting any more effort into this file. It should be sufficient for most common balance jobs and met my intent of having a one-stop shop.......more important things to start on    .  Feel free to edit and improve if any of you have some other ideas  

Stay safe and healthy out there while we get thru this rough patch of time

Jim Powers, P.E.    Owner Upstate NY PdM Services, LLC