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Reply to "Firewater pumps p&id and network over pressure protection"

PaulEngr posted:

Interesting, never noticed before because the title doesn't exactly scream "fire pumps". It also doesn't contain anything resembling a P&ID from a cursory scan, and simply references NFPA 70 (NEC) for electrical installation requirements.

Not sure what you are looking at but my copy, NFPA 20 is titled Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection.

Further, chapter 4 has the following contents

Chapter 4 General Requirements

4.1 Pumps.
4.2 Approval Required.
4.3 Pump Operation.
4.4 Fire Pump Unit Performance.
4.5 Certified Shop Test.
4.6 Liquid Supplies.
4.7 Pumps, Drivers, and Controllers.
4.8 Self-Regulating Variable Speed Fire Pump Units.
4.9 Multistage Multiport Pump.
4.10 Centrifugal Fire Pump Capacities.
4.11 Nameplate.
4.12 Pressure Gauges.
4.13 Circulation Relief Valve.
4.14 Equipment Protection.
4.15 Pipe and Fittings.
4.16 Suction Pipe and Fittings.
4.17 Discharge Pipe and Fittings.
4.18 Valve Supervision.
4.19 Protection of Piping Against Damage Due to Movement.
4.20 Relief Valves for Centrifugal Pumps.
4.21 Pumps Arranged in Series.
4.22 Water Flow Test Devices.
4.23 Steam Power Supply Dependability.
4.24 Shop Tests.
4.25 Pump Shaft Rotation.
4.26 Other Signals.
4.27 Pressure Maintenance (Jockey or Make-Up) Pumps.
4.28 Summary of Centrifugal Fire Pump Data.
4.29 Backflow Preventers and Check Valves.
4.30 Earthquake Protection.
4.31 Packaged Fire Pump Assemblies.
4.32 Pressure Actuated Controller Pressure Sensing Lines.
4.33 Break Tanks.
4.34 Field Acceptance Test of Pump Units.
4.35 Automated Inspection, Testing, and Distance Monitoring of Devices, Meters, and Equipment.


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