Reply to "High gearbox housing vibration"

John from PA posted:

Q1.  What is the tooth combination?

Q2.  Fluid film or rolling element bearings?

Q3.  Is the casing a weldment or a casting?

Q4.  What is the exact transducer being used?

Q5.  I see 16 mm/secas your highest level acceleration.  I could have done the conversion incorrectly (I'm working from a tablet) but in making the conversion to g's I get the following.  In comparison to API 613, the levels you have measured seem low.





I stand corrected, I quickly scanned the spectra for frequency and relied on the spreadsheet for amplitudes, which are only micron, mm/sec and mm/sec2  

My questions Q1 through Q4 remain to be answered.

Are you certain this is a single helical?  Is the ratio supposedly 10:1 exactly.