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High vibration @ Boiler feed water pump

Hi expert

Kindly to support us to find the Cause of high Vibration at NDE of boiler feed Water Pump ,

Brief of problem :

The vibration observed High by operation section @ P NDE H , fluctuated in this bearing between ( 2.1-5.5 mm/s RMS ) When the load changed at Steam turbine ,after mechanical team do maintenance on Minimum flow valve & back pressure valve at discharge line , we taken vibration reading when the vibration @ 2.1 mm/s and at 4.9mm/s at pump bearing DE& NDE as attached file  , We observed changing the level of 1X and 10X @ DE H & NDE H direction @ pump and appears bearing frequency @ NDE A in HD ENV Technique as illustrated  below picture , and there is changing forces inside pump related to flow changing  , all pressure ( suction & discharge ) are acceptable valve compared with sister pump B , But Unfortunately there is no flow meter @ discharge line of pump C ,  only in common header  , all details about pump included in attached file

kindly to hear your opinion


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