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Reply to "High Vibration in 1X in vertical seal oil pump"

So H is taken 90 degrees to piping and V is taken inline with discharge pipe?

Is this a new installation or existing?

How does the base plate anchor inside the housing? I see a square plate, is the pit/housing also square?

Highly unlikely an outer race fault would create this level of vibration, acceleration values would be high if bearing was bad

Any recent maintenance activities? Pipe strain, mounting plate not properly anchored, assembly errors

What type of coupling?

Is pump flow and pressure normal?

Directional vibration from H to V can indicate pipe strain/soft foot/natural frequency issue. The ratio of vibration from H to V is 3:1, another indication of excitation. You state the natural frequency is close to run speed, rule of thumb you want the natural frequency to be 20-30% away from running speed.

In my opinion, other sources of vibration with this design: worn lower pump bearing/something stuck in impeller/damaged impeller/not operating on pump curve/locked coupling/bent shaft