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Reply to "High vibration in motor"

3DD2B42B-D46B-4A0C-B744-E0DF417F76DA@Registered Member posted:

You should make your own posting and reference the original post. 

What is the shaft speed?

What is the vibration frequency?

Can you feel motion across motor base and grout top?

What is the condition of the grout under motor and anchor bolts?

Can you post photos of the motor, base and foundation?

Has good shaft alignment been done?

Has a structural impact test been conducted to detect resonance?



shaft speed is 2990 rpm

vibration frequency is 2XLF (100 Hz) 

Yes i have photo and i will send

when electromotor dis couple or couple not different on vibration

We Strengthened the structure  but not changing on vibration


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