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Reply to "High vibration in motor"

@Registered Member posted:

So placing the same amount of weight (10 kg) on top of the motor had a much better improvement than one the base frame! 

What vibration level is required?

Is the total weight of the 4 plates 10 kg?

What vibration instrument do you have?

It would really help if you can measure the motor structural natural frequency with machine off and with and without the weight installed. A final weight could then be calculated, and the decision to proceed with more/less weight or consider stiffening could be made.


Vibration level on base ISO 10816-3 is less than about 5 mm/s

total weight of the 4 plates is 40 kg ( per weight is 10 kg) 

our vibration instrument is X-viber, it is with vibration  1-channel ( it has vibration frequency spectrum and overall amplitude) 

Okay, we have to find new vibration device that has bump test module and will do the test with weights and without weights for structure. 

I will report

Thank you so mush