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chary tatta posted:

Greetings team,

1. The pump and motor horizontal set or vertical set up?

2. The values you are showing even 5.116 mm/s is still satisfactory limit after throttling.

3. The rise on impeller vane pass because of stall effect due to throttling  and also see the load drop by throttling from full flow to restricted flow. 

4. Please check the pump max pressure developed when full valve closed and compare with pump capacity pressure and volume ratings.

5. In closed loop system if the discharge valve throttled there will be rise in vibration due to throttle effect and also observe the load should drop.

6. If you wish to operate continuous throttle mode, install a by pass to reduce the flow.


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Dear Mr Chary


1. The pump in horizontal set up.


Thank you very much for your detail solution. I really appreciate it.