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Reply to "I.D Fan strange Balancing response"

Dear Sir ,

I attempt two single balances but added correction weights once .

1.Taken Reference run Vibration on both planes with phase .

2.Added trial weight on Plane 1 ,noted Vibration & Phase of both planes .

3.Remove trial weight on Plane 1.

4.Added trial weight on Plane 2 ,noted Vibration & Phase of both planes .

5.Calculated Correction weight and angle basing on each single plane response .

6.After adding correction weights , overall vibrations reduced but increased after next run .We do not added any extra weight .Customer wants to check once again .

7.Seven run method followed and added weight on plane 1 because no response on plane 2.again over all vibrations reduced some extent but not with in satisfactory limits .

8.Since the first visit, i  them to verify bearings and coupling .But no use .

9.Finally i strongly said " Verify Bearings first " .

10. I had balanced so many equipment but not this kind of response .