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Impact test on Base plate


I have started to do impact test and ODS on site with Me'scope and different devices. I don't have real issues to manipulate for now software and devices. The issue comes with setup and taking real data on real structure.
For example for the attached baseplate I would like to do an impact test to check the natural frequencies of the structure. I have selected a frequency span of 200 Hz with 1600 lines ot have good resoltion and because 200 Hz span should be enough with macihne runnning at 1500 rpm.
My problem is to define the type of hammer I could use and the points of measurements. Where should I impact the structure to get good results ? in all X,Y,Z directions ? is it, in that case better to rove the hammer or to rove the accelerometer or it doesn't change ? Am i sure that if I impact on one point of the structure I will get good result on a point "far away" ? will it be possible that I need to check my structure for that.
What I find not easy, is that you can understand how to use the software and hardware but those "practical" things, once on site, aren't easy to put in practice.
I would appreciate from you, some help, or advice ?
Thank you for your time


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