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Reply to "Low Speed Bearing Analysis - What is possible?"

Thank-you Walt.

I appreciate the detailed response.

I believe the spec of the underlying accelerometer within the sensor is this: Tri-Axis, ±40g, 3.3V, Analog, 3x3x0.9mm LGA - KX220-1072 - global (

Thoughts Walt on this unit?

The differences in performance between a MEMS vs Piezoelectric Accelerometer are well documented. In comparison to their weaknesses, MEMS sensors do provide other benefits.

It will be a challenging use case undoubtedly. Success is unclear as interpreted within your response.

You mention a measurement time of 5-10 revolutions. Other papers mention 15-20. This would be a significant amount of data!

Are you aware, or can you outline, the best process to follow in collecting results worthy of analysis?

Thank-you again Walt and Vic for your responses.

If there is any other information for consideration considering the limitations of the sensor and complexity of the use case, i would really appreciate other advice for consideration.