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Reply to "Marine Diesel generator High vibration in Axial direction at Engine Free End"

Greetings Mr. Oli

Thanks for your quick reply.

Your first point: Torsion dampers are common on such in one or both ends, not necessarily a part of the motor drivetrain but attached outside. Reason for asking is that this is a part with limited operational life that require frequent maintenance or inspection depending on type eg. a few years or so and not always cared for.

What you said is very correct. However, It appears, YANMAR is not provided such Torsional dampers, present the makers Engine manual of this model is not with me to refer and I wrote to the YANMAR service team about this issue. Once some info arrives from them, I will share in this forum.

Your 2nd Point: Next question, did you check the floor mounting? Rubber feet or shockfast type of mounting? Is it the same looking on all 3? Including the steelworks, any cracks or similar?

There are 5 nos of resilient pads on each side support for each engine and all 3 DGs are provided. Images attached.


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