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Motor triping issue

Dear Members ,

Here I am informing to all I am facing problem in Air Fin Fan cooler at my working plant (Methanol Company ).

Problem : High vibration was observed at gearbox  .

after replacing new gearbox I take motor solo run reading vibration was observed normal  and during solo run no tripping and also more then 1 hour running no tripping.

 After that inform connect coupling and confirm for test run .

Today I went for test run after 12 min of normal operation motor tripped .

1.Motor and gearbox Overall maximum vibration was 4.5 mm/sec .

2.The high vibration 4.5mm/sec was observed at motor vertical direction . 

3.Motor and gearbox temperature found normal around 45 c

4.Motor Amps @ 70 another fin fan cooler running as a same AMPS .

Motor Running RPM 1140

Out put RPM 224

Motor Kw - 55

So any one suggest me the problem (motor or gearbox )and the cause of tripping .





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